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Bio: My name is Martin Garcia, and I recently got back in the game last january with the realese of HGSS. I havent played since neo2 era, so i was a huge shock to see the changes to the metagame.
I live in Bs As, Argentina, and im in economics at the University of Buenos Aires .
In things like hobbies, i can count tennis, soccer and basquetball (Yeah, im the sports guy xD) Oh and I also am a big movies fan.
Someday i would love to attend an USA nats, its such an awesome event i really want to witness it (and play in it, of course xD)

Argentina National Championship

3rd Place Report
Hello everyone at 6P! I have written a few articles in the past, but ever since the National preparations started, I was too busy to write anything new. Anyway, I am here today with a report about the National Championship in my country, so I hope you like it. This was my first Nationals and […]

SP Analysis Part 4: Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums

Hey all! Now that the Cities are finally over, we are seeing some more activity in the main page, so I should help some too adding my two cents. Before I go to the article in itself, I would like to report a little bit on my last Cities performance, which was actually great. I […]

SP Analysis, Part 3: Energy Counts

Deck Analysis
Hi, guys. Some of you may remember my two previous articles about the complex aspects of SP decks, the first one being of its SP Trainers, and the second one being about the techs. I have been really busy with college and work, but now that I’m finally free from that, I wanted to continue […]

Tech vs. Tech

Hello there, Martin/Rhin here! Things have been quiet the last few weeks, and I still have a few days before I go back to college, so I thought “What the hell, let鈥檚 write an article.” What am I going to be talking about today? Well, I only know how to play play SP and I […]

The Right Timing

Many people know how to play an SP deck, yet they don鈥檛 know how to play their trainers, making them mediocre players, at best.

Blazechomp: The SP鈥檚 Black Sheep

Deck Analysis
Luxchomp, Luxpluff, and Blazeray, all these SP variants all focus on doing the same: fast and consistent damage for a low energy cost. But there is a deck that can also do that, yet it has not seen so much play up to now, and that would be Blazechomp. I like fire decks, so I […]

Gyaradace Deck, is it playable?

Deck Analysis
So, here I was the other day, looking at all the cards available to make a post cycle deck Platinum-on deck, and I saw Gyarados G. I didn鈥檛 think anything special of the card, and continued with the search. Then I spotted Feraligatr Prime. So the old “Rain Dance” is back, uh? Nothing special again, […]