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Bio: Hey guys! I’m Peter Bae playing out of Canada, Ontario, Ajax. I’m fairly new in PokΓ©mon, started out playing in May 2010, however, I’m an experienced TCG player and I’d like to see myself worthy enough to write articles for the site due to the achievements I’ve had lately. I like making rogue decks and metagame decks and talking about the next new deck, so if you want to talk to me, hit me up on my email!

A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand. (Pidgey)
A PokΓ©mon that consists entirely of programming code. Capable of moving freely in cyberspace. (Porygon)
When the bulb on its back grows large, it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs. (Ivysaur)