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Bio: Hey, I’m Daniel Middleton a.k.a PokémanDan. I play the Pokémon TCG competitively in the UK. I also run a Pokémon TCG show via my YouTube account named “PokéClass” and upload a new episode every Saturday, make sure you check that out (www.youtube.com/pokemandanlv45). I post my videos up here each week and the occasional written article here and there.

PokéClass Episode 65

Manchester States/Regionals Top 8 Report
Sorry it’s been a while guys, but I do explain myself in the video and have redeemed myself through a decent States performance after a disappointing Cities run. I talk you through how my last State Championships went and from the title, you can already guess it went well again! Enjoy!

PokéClass Episode 62

Breathing the Forest: EXTC (Celebi/Mewtwo EX) Deck Analysis
This week is all about the deck that took first at this year’s European Challenge Cup, EXTC, better known as Celebi/Mewtwo. I provide you with a skeleton list and go through the array of techs you can include in this hard hitting machine. Enjoy!

PokéClass Episode 61

ECC 2012 Roundup! (with 1st and 2nd Place Lists!)
This week is all about the how the European Challenge Cup (ECC) went last weekend and bore results similar to what I predicted in the previous episode. Included is the winning list along with part of the second-place list thanks to both finalist players! Enjoy!

PokéClass Episode 60

Preparing for the ECC!
This week is all about the upcoming European Challenge Cup next weekend. The video contains all of the hints and tips you need about our new format whether you are going to the tournament or not, and there’s also a Mewtwo/Celebi decklist thrown in there too! Enjoy!

PokéClass Episode 59

Next Destinies Set Review!
This week is all about the newest set Next Destinies which hits our stores on February 8th! Included in this episode is a FULL set review of all the key cards you should be keeping a keen eye on at your prereleases for competitive play and I also go over ALL SIX of the new […]

PokéClass Episode 57

Lowdown on the Thunderdome!
PokéClass is back for 2012 and I kick it off with an analysis on arguably the best deck in format, Magnezone/Eelektrik. This deck has outperformed all others at City Championships in the US, reaching over 25 wins in total. I give you a very solid skeleton list and explain each inclusion card by card and […]

PokéClass Episode 56

Analysing 6 Corners
Okay, so I know I said I wouldn’t do another episode this year, but I really wanted to talk about this deck. Since you have all been putting my views and subs so high recently that I thought I’d do one more for the year. This episode covers the mysterious, yet controversial deck called 6 […]

PokéClass Episode 55

8 Lists for Christmas!
This week, it’s time for the Christmas Special of the year. This time I’m bringing you 8, yes 8! competitive deck lists for you to start the New Year with at tournaments all across the globe. There’s some fun ones in there but I also give you lists for The Truth, Vanilluxe and Magnezone/Eelektrik so […]

PokéClass Episode 54

Shedding Light on Chandelure
This week I go back to good ol’ deck analysis, tackling probably one of the most underrated and less-talked about decks of the new format. Since the release of Noble Victories, a fair few new decks have been created, but this one is one that certainly shouldn’t be missed. Want 3 lists to get you […]

PokéClass Episode 53

A Look Ahead At City Championships
This week I cover all you need to know about how the new cards from Noble Victories are going to affect our City Championship series. Some have already started in the US, but the UK and the rest of Europe still have some time to prepare for some of the heaviest point-getters of the season! […]

PokéClass Episode 52

Nottingham States Top 8 Report!
This week I go over how I did in the first State Championship of the season. I took Reshiram/Typhlosion out for another tournament and came back with a nice bunch of Championship Points. Almost all of the UK competitors from Worlds attended this tournament including Tom Hall, Tommy Roberts and Sami Sekkoum so it was […]

PokéClass’ Noble Victories Set Review

Hey everybody, Here are two episodes mashed into one article since they both run together to make one epicly long set review. This set is incredibly interesting and is certainly making me think hard about what I need to be changing for Cities in a few weeks as well as what new concoctions to be […]

PokéClass Episode 50

Prague 2011 Top 32 Report
Apologies for not being able to produce a ‘proper’ video this week, but I’ve been ill for a while now and can’t talk properly :( This week is all about my tournament report from last weekend’s Prague Cup 2011! I did a lot better than my Battle Roads performances so make sure you check it […]

PokéClass Episode 48

Halloween Special!
(Note from Adam: 1 day late, sorry!) Hey everybody and welcome to a special presentation of PokéClass. This week, I’ve got a handful of creepy facst about Pokémon and I’m sure they’ll send a chill down your bones. Some about fake games, some about Gary and some about kidnap?! Hope you enjoy it as much […]