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Bio: Well I’m 23 years old, currently living in southern California and doing a myriad of activities that keep me busy including PokΓ©mon. I work full time and go to college part time. When I’m not busy with either of those I’m usually out with friends, playing video games, or playing PokΓ©mon. Even though I’m new to the competitive PokΓ©mon scene I more than make up for it with experience I’ve gained playing other tcg’s. Currently have 1 top 8 at autumn battle roads and 1 top 16 at states, with numerous great performances through out the season I am ranked 37 in California.

Its nictitating membranes let it pick out foes’ weak points so it can precisely blast them with water that shoots from its fingertips at Mach 3. (Inteleon)