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Ray G. Biv

Nine Different Builds of Mega Rayquaza-EX
Hey everybody! I am sorry for the long delay in articles; I have been busy playing Pokémon and running my YouTube channel. In this article I would like to discuss my favorite attacker from Roaring Skies: Mega Rayquaza! The reason why Mega Rayquaza-EX (the Colorless one) is my favorite attacker from the set is because […]

Say Cheese!

Squeaky’s 2014 US Nationals, Worlds, and Autumn Regionals Reports
Before I get into my Autumn Regionals reports I want to update people on how I fared at US Nationals and Worlds since I haven’t written in a long time. Unfortunately, I can’t remember most of my matchups because it has been a while since these tournaments. What I can do though is post pictures […]

Senior Year

Squeaky’s 2013-2014 Season Recap
First, I would like to apologize for my lack of articles – I was in the process of graduating from college and did not have time to write about my past States and Regionals. I hope this review of my season will make up for my hiatus. This article will cover all of my big […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

Squeaky’s 2013 Tennessee Cities Marathon Report
I am back from the second year of the Tennessee Marathon (year one was documented here) and a lot happened this year. The biggest news is that I got approval from Clay and Rick Mitchell to record the games during the marathon. Overall I was happier to record than play during the marathon. Since I […]

Fish Knuckles

Squeaky’s Top 8 Houston Regionals and League Challenge Reports
Instead of doing a full writeup of my Regionals and League Challenge experiences this past weekend I’ve decided to make a video report instead. I’ve still included a small article just in case you wanted to skip my video. This is my first time doing a video report; try and count how many times I […]

Squeaky’s Spring Regional and Battle Road Reports

Tournament Report
First off, I would like to apologize for not going into deep detail during my last article. It is really hard for me to remember my matches throughout the day, and I would also like to say sorry for not posting anything new until now. Spring Regionals I headed to Athens, Georgia for Spring Regionals. […]

Another Day, Another Deck: Squeaky’s Cities Marathon Report

Tournament Report
I am not good at introductions so I will just jump straight into the tournament reports and my first deck list. The only things to note are that my name is Squeaky and I told my friends I would play a different deck each day of the mini Tennessee marathon. Also, these matches are really […]