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Bio: Heya! Just a newbie to Pokémon who’s done far too much research on the metagame.

I started playing Pokémon back when it first came out — I was one of the few grade-schoolers who decided it would be interesting to learn the game instead of just collecting the cards. So I played a few games with my sister and my friends, and then stopped when everyone else did. Fast forward to summer of ’09, and a bunch of my friends were pulling out their old Pokémon collections and learning how to play the game, just for fun. I joined in, and that led me here to SixPrizes, and so I’ve been playing ever since.

My first official tournament was an Undaunted Prerelease, and I achieved Professor status that same day. That’s got to account for something. XD

Pokémon aside, I’m very big into music and arts in general. I’m currently a computer science major.

It absorbs the life-force of those who drink it. It waits patiently, but opportunities are fleeting—it tastes so bad that it gets spat out immediately. (Sinistea)