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Bio: Hey there! I’m Adam and I created this very website you are perusing during the summer of 2009. When I’m not working on SixPrizes, I enjoy going for walks, reading books, and drinking coffee … sometimes all at once!

SixPrizes 7

Sure, Why Not, It’s a Friday
At some point, you’ve got to ship. And after nearly three months of plinking and plonking at my keyboardβ€”almost twice as long as it took me last timeβ€”I’m deploying the new SixPrizes. Ready or not, here it is.1 Some Background: It’s been a curious past two-plus years here at 6P. Attentive readers will remember that […]

SixPrizes 6.0

A Redesign Six Weeks in the Making, Hello, and How Are You
Well then. (Alrighty then? Alrighty then!) It’s been a minute, 6P. Nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Adam and I created this website some eight-odd years ago while I was a senior in college. I am no longer a senior in college and now trail closely the three-decade mark on this planet. Where […]

Can You Do a Stinky?

The Top 5 Items You Need but Might Forget to Bring to Worlds
With World Championships festivities kicking off in one week, I thought now would be a good time to help disseminate last-minute tips to help those competing in the LCQ and main event. But rather than remind players to get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast, as many writers have done before, I thought I’d […]

Statistical Deduction

Quantifying the Most Skilled Format of All Time
Players of the mid to late aughts typically contend that the formats they competed in were among the most skill based and enjoyable in the history of the PokΓ©mon TCG, as evidenced by the intricate and diverse strategies of the time, made possible by the modalities of consistency at one’s disposal (namely Pidgeot RG, Holon […]

You’re a Mean One…

On Entitlement and Why Winning Should Never Be Made More Painful Than Losing
In two years I have seen two authors (and undoubtedly missed many pundits on social media) implore the community to refrain from entering the last chance for Championship Points events at US Nationals unless an invite is on their horizon. Having too little CP means you have nothing to play for, and having too many […]

Now Open: 6P Pocket T-Shirt Preorders

Preorders are now open for the 6P pocket t-shirts. The order form is located below the images on this page and you will be taken to PayPal after submission to complete the transaction. The price is $20 per shirt ($22 for 2XL), which includes shipping. All I’m trying to do is come out even on […]

Gauge of Interest: New T-Shirts and Playmats

I’ve gotten inquiries over the months about the availability of new 6P merch, and I’ve been somewhat hesitant to put new products together because it’s honestly been a bit of a hassle in the past to ship stuff out (that’s why I only give dice out at events), but last week I spent a couple […]

The Sand-less-lot

Cost-Effective Deck Options for Fall Regionals
“Like sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” And thus sand is a valuable commodity, and Tropical Beach is one pricey card! Like many of you out there reading this, I don’t own any Tropical Beaches and would rather not spend $600+ to obtain a playset of the most expensive competitive […]

Six Questions: An Interview with axpendix, the Creator of TCG ONE

As the start to a new interview series titled “Six Questions,” I decided to have a chat with forum user axpendix about TCG ONE, a PokΓ©mon TCG simulator they created and released this summer. With PTCGO and PlayTCG already on the scene (along with RedShark and OCTGN), it would seem the digitized PTCG realm is […]

Worlds Dice Challenges ’13

It was great making everyone do PokΓ©mon impressions at US Nationals for 6P dice, but I still have a ton of dice left over along with a fresh stash of new ones to give away, so I’m trying to come up fun alternative challenges to get them. If you have any ideas, please comment! I’ll […]

US Nationals and Worlds 6P Dice Giveaways

A couple months back I placed an order for some dice… Just ordered a bunch of dice. Will be giving the white/blue ones out at US Nationals and the black/sparkle at Worlds. — SixPrizes (@SixPrizes) April 24, 2013 And since US Nationals is fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to […]

Why the US National Championship Play Point Requirement is Totally Bogus

After the recent situation where two prominent players may have gotten temporarily banned from Organized Play, I felt compelled to write about this topic, which I’ve expressed discontent over in the past, but would like to tackle in orderly article form. As a disclaimer, it is not my intention to defend or decry the actions […]

6P S/P/T Dice Promotion

You may have heard me mention getting 6P dice manufactured and sold on the site at some point, and in January I actually did get a batch produced for a promotion I wanted to run during Regionals, but the timing didn’t work out and I’ve been sitting on the dice ever since. However, with States/Provincials/Territories […]

New PkmnCards Advanced Search Project

Help Needed!
I was bored and sick last week and looking for something new to work on, so I went through some old emails people had sent me with suggestions for projects, and found one from Cristian A. who in November wanted to see advanced search features on PkmnCards, and included some specific examples of functionalities to […]

New Revenue Share Program

I was hoping to be able to make an announcement about 6P dice being available around this time, but I’m having some issues communicating with the manufacturer and will need to give them another call on Monday. Hopefully this news is better anyway… As you may have noticed, I removed all the Google ads from […]