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Bio: Hey all!

So, after wrapping up my MBA, I’m now in law school. The fun times just keep coming :P

I was a long time Pokémon supporter when young, faded away, and now I’m back. This time around I am into the TCG.

If you want to discuss something just PM me.

Looking Back and Beyond

Pleasanton Regionals and Decks for the Next Format
Hey all! I’m glad – but also a little off balance – to be back with you this month. October is a long month with more than usual amount of Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I took a writing slot that needed to be filled. Additionally, my sister is having twins tomorrow. Because of that I […]

If You Ain’t First…

Second Tier Hopefuls for Regionals
Hello friends. Because Battle Roads are no more and League Challenges have not begun, we are stuck with an odd period in the season with no Premier Events until mid-October. Due to this rather large lull in the action, discussion topics have become repetitive. Therefore, today I will be talking about a couple of the […]

The Hawk’s Nest: Putting it to the Test

Hello, I am extremely excited to be back with you all! This summer has been extremely exciting and important to me, but it has left me with little time to compete at PokΓ©mon events. I got to a couple small Battle Roads, but I missed Nationals and I did not travel out to Worlds. But […]

Golden Oldies, New Chart Toppers, and the Professor Cup

Deck Analysis
Hello SixPrizes nation. I know many are in the midst of finals for high school or college, and I wish you the best of luck. I hope that this article is a nice diversion from the stressfully mundane end of the semesters. Today, I will be diving into two main topics: the BLW-PLF format and […]

Meta Talk and Missouri States

Good day all! I hope you enjoyed some amazing PokΓ©mon action last weekend. I certainly did, well, until life pulled me out of the action. You all should go check out YetiGaming.com. Yeti is working toward a live stream of various card games throughout the week. Wednesday and Sunday will likely be PokΓ©mon. Saturday, until […]

The Hawk’s Nest: Eels, Darkrai, Garbodor, and… GG?

Deck Analysis
Hello. I hope today is a fantastic day for each and every one of you. It is Valentine’s Day, a day about love and community. I know some of you may not have significant others, but that is OK. Go treat yourself to something, or go hang out with your friends. For our Valentine’s Day, […]

Triple Feature: Ho-Oh, Empire, and GothLock

Deck Analysis
Hello. I hope everyone’s holiday season has gone well. I am particularly excited because my wife bought me ear buds that fit my ears. That seems so simple, but I have never been able to find ear buds that stay in my ears while running. Anyway, I am sure you do not want to hear […]

Deciphering the Cities Metagame

It is great to be back with you guys – it’s been over a month since we last collaborated together! There have been many ideas bouncing around in my head, but ultimately today I have decided to talk about undefined metagames, and the Cities metagame in particular along with some deck lists. Real quick though, […]

The Hawk’s Nest: BLW-on Mash-up

This articled reminded me of Wassily Kandinsky artwork. Wassily Kandinsky is cool. And so is this article. Included are a bunch of BLW-on deck lists (16 in all) and some thoughts on the upcoming competitive season.

The Hawk’s Nest: Eelektrik BLW-on

Deck Analysis
Before we get started, I would like to ask for some feedback. Are these articles too early? You see, I feel they are very early. However, the vast majority of us are not going to Worlds and have nothing better (PokΓ©mon related that is) to do than to look onto the next format. Also, what […]

The Hawk’s Nest: Garchomp/Altaria

Deck Analysis
Several days ago, I opened with a “Moving On” article touching on the basics of a BLW-on format. Today, I am continuing down that path. The first deck I would like to look at is FlyChomp (FluffyChomp, etc.), AKA Garchomp/Altaria. Obviously, prior the presumed Dragon Exalted set, neither of those two PokΓ©mon were known as […]

The Hawk’s Nest: Moving On

Well, I did not really play in that many competitive tournaments this season and I did not Top 8 US Nats. That means I will not be attending Worlds. In other words, for most intents and purposes, I have finally and completely moved onto working with the Black and White-on format. I would like to […]

Airhawk’s 2012 Nationals Review

Tournament Report
Let’s talk US Nationals, Nationals overview, Worlds, and my luck. Congratulations to everyone who performed well, and I have to give a huge shout out to John Roberts II for winning because he is a local player. US Nationals I did manage to travel to Indy for US Nats, but I did not have much […]