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Clown Around, or Tag Bolt as Usual

The “Win-or-Lose” and “Get-Some-Points” Plays for Santa Clara Regionals
Hello again readers. Today, I’m going to be bringing you my opinions on the SUM–UNB format that will debut this weekend in Santa Clara. From what I’ve seen of the set and the decks, the format will either be very different, or it will be almost exactly the same as what we just played in […]

Give a Dog a Bone

Meta Shifts to Hartford, How to Counter Shock Lock, Plus Zoroark/Vespiquen and Buzzwole/Garbodor/Jirachi for this Weekend
Hello again readers, I’m with you today to talk about the upcoming Regional in Hartford this weekend. I once again have 6P’s final word before the event, so I will endeavor to make it a good one. To get this out of the way now, I will not be attending the event this weekend, but […]

Building & Busting the Wall

Last Word, Beast Box, and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar for EUIC (SUM–TEU)
Hello again readers, I’m here with 6P’s last word before EUIC in Berlin this weekend. I have a few ideas for the event, but none of them are too spicy. The SUM–TEU Standard format seems to be pretty well solved, and I don’t believe that we’ll see anything too weird pop up. At this point, […]

Tourist Attractions

ZoroGarb 2.0 and PikaTickets for Daytona
Hello again readers, I’m back with some Expanded content today in preparation for the Daytona Regional Championships. I’ve been enjoying Expanded quite a bit recently, and I believe that it this fact is easily attributed to the changes brought by the banning of Lusamine and Delinquent. I’m going to be covering my top two picks […]

Some Like It Hot

The Green Machine (Celebi & Venusaur-GX), Blacephalon, and My Yellow Plays (Zapdos/Jolteon, Zapdos/Ultra Beasts, Lightning Box) for Denver
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for 6P’s last words on the upcoming Denver Regional Championships. I have a few decks that I’m heavily considering for this event, including but not limited to: Zapdos/Jolteon-GX, Zapdos/Ultra Beasts, Celebi & Venusaur-GX, Blacephalon, and Lightning Box. Of these five decks, three of them have been written about […]

Spice Jr.’s List Parade

Tiers 1 thru 3, Melmetal/Magnezone, Passimian/Zapdos, Spread, Zororoc Deconstructed, Walls, Lightning Box, and Traditional Zororoc
Hello again readers, I’m back today with another article on the Standard format. I’m going to diverge from the typical today, simply because there are already so many articles that cover decks such as PikaRom/Zapdos and Zoroark/Lycanroc. Of course, I’ll still leave my current lists for them near the end of this article because of […]

Healthy & Fun (What?!)

T64 Toronto Report, PikaRom’s Revenge, and Contemplating Yveltal BREAK for Greensboro
Hello again readers, I’m back again with another piece on Expanded. Toronto Regionals has just ended and we’ve seen what I would call the healthiest version of the Expanded format in years. Yes, the tournament was essentially dominated by Trevenant BREAK, but there were only 16 in the field! Those players made a great meta […]

Fast as Lightning

PikaRom/Lightning Support and Lucario/Buzzwole for Toronto Regionals (BLW–TEU Expanded)
Hello again readers, today I’m going to be covering Expanded in preparation for the upcoming streak of Expanded Regionals (Toronto and Greensboro). I’m sort of looking forward to playing Expanded, but at the same time I feel like I’m going to despise the format after playing one event. The meta hasn’t been defined yet, but […]

Tag Teams, Dogs, and Beasts

The Collinsville Meta, the Future of Standard, Variance Got Me, and What’s “the Play” Now?
Hello again readers, I’m back with my thoughts on the Collinsville meta, what these results mean for the future of Standard, and what led me to play Ultra Necrozma to a Top 256 finish. I didn’t have much time to test for the event, which likely affected my deck choice quite a bit. I believe […]

Electric Bird Watching

SUM–TEU as a Whole, Oceania Internationals Results Analysis, Ultra Necrozma for Collinsville, and Words on Zoroark/Lycanroc + PikaRom/Jirachi Too
Hello again readers, I’m back with another piece on the Standard format (SUM–TEU this time) and what I will likely be playing for Collinsville this coming weekend. If I remember correctly, the expected meta that I described in my previous article was accurate when looking at the three most represented decks. However, I, along with […]

Consistency and Blowouts

Team Up Notables, the Oceania Meta, Lost March, Psychic Malamar, and Impressions of the New Standard
Hello again, readers. Team Up has just dropped and will become tournament legal very soon. I’m going to talk about the set and certain cards before anything else. I’m also going to cover a few very relevant decks that I feel should be on almost everyone’s radar as matchups to test against as well as […]

Wars of Attrition

Primal Groudon in Dallas, Bans in Expanded, and Swampert in Standard (Pre-Team Up)
Hello again readers, it’s a pleasure to be back with you so soon. We just saw Dallas get dominated by Zoroark-GX (shocker, right?) and Archie attempt to make a comeback, though it seemingly failed in the Zoro-concentrated Day 2 field. I saw some success playing good ol’ Primal Groudon. Today I’m going to go over […]


ZoroGarb and Sylveon/Magnezone (in Fine Detail) for Dallas Regionals
Hello again, readers. Today I’m going to be delving into what my testing for Dallas has yielded so far. I spent quite a bit of time in Chicago recently with my teammate Wes Hollenberg testing, and I played way too many PTCGO matches. I’ve spent more time testing for this event than I would have […]

Standard’s Standard Bearers

A Look at Blacephalon and Decidueye as Standard Moves Through Lost Thunder
Hello again readers, today I’m going to be bringing you my thoughts on the current standard format. Normally, I would be talking about expanded, but my opinions on it pretty much consist of “Zoroark is pretty darn good.” and “I swear to never play Trevenant again.” With those thoughts in mind, let’s get into the […]

The Primal Reversion

Looking at Primal Clash’s Titans in 2018’s Expanded Format for Anaheim
Hello again readers, today I am going to be bringing you my thoughts on the Expanded format that is (sadly) going to be very relevant for the next few months. In my last Expanded article, I was pretty excited to write about and play the format. However, after my incredibly painful experience in Portland, where […]