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The LAIC Lowdown

Alex’s Top 8 Buzzwole/Ninetales Recap from the Latin American International Championships
Hello again readers, I didn’t expect to be back with you all quite so soon after my last article, but as always it’s a pleasure to be able to write for you. Today, I’m going to be going over my tournament experience in Brazil this previous weekend. As you probably know, it turned out much […]

A Monstrous Time

Looking at Hydreigon and Tyranitar for Brazil’s Latin American International Championships in Lost Thunder Standard
Hello all and welcome back, I am truly excited to be able to write to you about what I feel are two very solid decks going into LAIC and Virginia Regionals. Lost Thunder has added so many different deck options, that I found myself unsure of where to start my testing. The obvious answer was […]

An Expanded Extreme

A Profile of a Suite of Expanded Rogues for the Portland Regional Championships
Hello all, it’s a pleasure to be back with you so soon. I’m super excited to be writing about expanded today, because I have found it to be a breathe of fresh air after playing standard for so long. Today, I’m going to be bringing you quite a few decks, most of which are definitely […]

The Spiral of Spread

Examining Tapu Koko/Buzzwole Spread for Memphis Standard
Hello again 6P, it’s Alex with you today, and I’m bringing you a rather interesting deck that I believe has incredible potential going into Memphis this weekend. This deck happens to be the Buzzwole FLI/Tapu Koko (Referred to as “Spread” from now on) that I won a cup with before Philadelphia. I feel that in […]

The Melbourne Metal March

Alex’s Melbourne SPE Report and Analysis of Metagross/Solgaleo for SUM-CES
Hello everyone, it’s the other Schemanske today, writing to you for the first time ever! I’m going to attempt to explain the meta that was Melbourne, what led me to play Metagross for the first major event of this exciting new format, and Metagross’ matchup spread. I put quite a bit of time this week […]