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Bio: Hello folks, Aaron Minjoot aka Arcanyx here. I’ve been in the PokΓ©mon TCG world for the last 11 years, all the way from the Base Set till now, though I do have some gaps in between. Only became aware of the competitive scene in Fall 2011, and active ever since.

A big fan of anti-metagame and lower-tier decks. Currently a league organizer at a newly revived PokΓ©mon League here in Malaysia in the town of Subang Jaya. Venturing into the strategy article world of competitive PokΓ©mon TCG and determined to be bringing you quality content whenever I can.

First competitive PokΓ©mon TCG season: 2011/2012.

8th Malaysian Nationals 2012 (Zekrom/Eels)
10th Malaysian Cities 2012 (Ho-oh)
13th Malaysian States 2012 (Zekrom/Eels)
27th Malaysian Cities 2011 (Reshiboar)

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Malaysia 2014 City Championship Report with Klinklang/Reuniclus
It sends electricity through its legs to boost their strength. Running at top speed, it easily breaks 50 mph. (Boltund)