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Bio: Hello folks, Aaron Minjoot aka Arcanyx here. I’ve been in the Pokémon TCG world for the last 11 years, all the way from the Base Set till now, though I do have some gaps in between. Only became aware of the competitive scene in Fall 2011, and active ever since.

A big fan of anti-metagame and lower-tier decks. Currently a league organizer at a newly revived Pokémon League here in Malaysia in the town of Subang Jaya. Venturing into the strategy article world of competitive Pokémon TCG and determined to be bringing you quality content whenever I can.

First competitive Pokémon TCG season: 2011/2012.

8th Malaysian Nationals 2012 (Zekrom/Eels)
10th Malaysian Cities 2012 (Ho-oh)
13th Malaysian States 2012 (Zekrom/Eels)
27th Malaysian Cities 2011 (Reshiboar)

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An Early Comprehensive Look at Emboar/Delphox


Malaysia 2014 City Championship Report with Klinklang/Reuniclus
Living with a savage, seafaring people has toughened this Pokémon’s body so much that parts of it have turned to iron. (Galarian Meowth)