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Bio: I’m a 19 year old engineering student and a Pokémon addict. I play the tcg way too much, although I had a large time in which I did not play at all. I began playing again when HGSS came out, and I enjoy making decks with ignored or overlooked cards. I’m also known for making “teacher decks” due to lots of little poke-fans that I know. In case anyone is confused, I’m “Cabd” on the forums and the article discussions.

Attack Command(er)-In-Chief: Empoleon DEX

Deck Analysis
Hello, 6P! Today, I’d like to give a solid article and deck list analysis for what is shaping up to be one of my favorite decks this season: Empoleon. Now, as a bit of background, I’ve always found myself drawn to decks that ignore the conventional metagame, while still focusing upon nabbing six prizes. For […]

Regigigas EX (Next Destinies NXD 82/99)

Card of the Day
Today’s COTD is Regigigas EX. Released in the Next Destinies set, it saw moderate play in a few decks, mostly in Truth variants and CMT lists. However, with our current format now including Dark Explorers, how does he stack up? Let’s find out. As with all COTD entries, it is vital we first talk stats. […]

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Chrome Dome

I’m going to be covering a topic most people tend to skip over when talking about a deck: teching for the mirror matchup. Today’s focus will be on Chrome Dome, also known as Thunderdome, the deck based around Magnezone Prime, Eelektrik NVI, and Thundurus EPO. Regarded as a tier one deck with a crazy high […]

Chrome Dome: The Other Magnezone Deck

Deck Analysis
Hello everyone. Cabd here back from my lurking antics, ready to highlight a deck that seems to not have gotten much attention here at SixPrizes, that is, Magnezone/Eelektrik. Those of you that played last season will probably remember the speed in which Magnezone Prime / Regirock LA picked up steam late last format. The idea […]

Ferrothorn (Emerging Powers EPO 72)

Card of the Day
Welcome to today’s Card of the Day, everyone. Today, I put forth on the sacrificial altar of card hype Mr. Ferrothorn of Emerging Powers. Ferrothorn is a Metal-type card. It evolves from Ferroseed, both cards of which are also Metal type. Ferrothorn has a relatively low 90 Hit Points, which is just pathetic for a […]

Musings of a Lone Yanmega: Cabd’s Thoughts Pre-Worlds 2011

Introduction Hey guys, Yanmega guy… blah blah blah, it’s almost time for worlds. Forget the introduction, you know who my annoying icon represents, let’s jump into things. And yes, that article image on the front page is me, cosplaying as my author icon. My Brief Discussion of Yanmega/Magnezone This deck has been done to death […]

Yanmega Guy’s Pet deck: List and Analysis

Deck Analysis
Hello once again, Pokémon Community. Zackary “Cabd” Ayello here again today, with a deck list and analysis of my personal favorite deck, Yanmega Magnezone. Named “Megajudge” by its creator, this deck took home a City Championship purely by surprise. Now, with the rotation in effect, it is one of the few viable MD-on decks that […]

The Big HGSS-BW Tech Brainstorm

Part 1 – Type Advantages
With various cards getting lots of hype, and certain decks being considered for BDIF already, I figured it might be a good time to explore the “weaker” parts of any new format, that is, finding “counters” to each major deck/Pokémon of the new meta. With HGSS on, hitting for weakness is a HUGE deal, as […]

Zack’s Energy Antics, Part 1: Recovery

While I love teacher decks, sometimes you need a change of pace. However, the issue of an uncertain states metagame paired with a long gap of time means that most deck articles have already been done to death. So, to quote Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, now is “A good time to take innovatory” […]

What a SPaz: Teaching Newer Players

Part 4
Welcome back to yet another exciting episode of the history channel: no history neede…. Wait, what’s that? Oh, hey all, sorry, I must have been “SP”azing out again. Today brings us another teacher deck; this one very relevant to today’s metagame. What’s that, you ask? In case you’re brain dead or are missing your eyes, […]

Tanks for Nothing: Teaching Newer Players

Part 2
Hello all. I’m here today with another bad pu… err… article about teaching new players metagame mechanics. As the title suggests, this time we’re talking about tanking. What’s that? You say today’s format is too fast for tanks? Well, DialgaChomp and a few other Pokémon friends disagree with you. What type of deck does this […]

The Floating Duck: Teaching Newer Players

Deck Analysis
We all love Pokémon league. Who would not love free format staples paired with a chance to playtest against your peers each week? But the third aspect of league is often overlooked by the community as a whole. That aspect is the power leagues have to draw in new players. Without new players, a game […]


Option for a Low SP Meta
As some of you may or may not know, Central California’s metagame currently has high counts of both trainer lock variants and of Gyarados variants. This deck is one that my girlfriend and I devised to have a fair matchup against both of these decks, while not costing a personal fortune. What makes Vilegar such […]

Morgan Hill, CA Battle Roads Report: 3rd with BlastGatr

Tournament Report
I got into actual play this year, along with my girlfriend, after a ten year stretch of not playing at all. We are both 18, so yay for Masters. I have this weird personality quirk where I will refuse to play anything that is currently “the best” so when I went to choose a deck, […]