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The Queen and Her Court

Trusting in the ‘Broken Deck’ and Hot Picks for Memphis Regionals

The London Eye

Analyzing the Results from the European International Championship

A Zoroark for All Seasons

Looking at how Zoroark-GX “Trades” in Standard and Expanded

Blazing the Frozen Trail

Updating Alolan Ninetales-GX, Some League Cup Reports, and Shining Speculation on SLG+CIN

Bringing Heart to Hartford

Examining Ninetales-GX and Considering the Top Tier of Standard
Once a year, on a specific date and at a specific time, they gather out of nowhere and form up in a circle. (Stonjourner)

Tinkering Around

Thoughts on Fort Wayne Results, Expanded Projections, Shift to Standard, Golisopod Gathering, and Spicy Standard Salazzle

From Beach to Beach

Brit’s Worlds Run, (re)Making Manectric, and a Tropical Take on Expanded Gardevoir

The Stars of the Trade

Garbodor in the Burning Shadows Format, plus Greninja, Volcanion, and Gardevoir for Anaheim

Bursting into Life

Musings and Considerations on Stipends & Structure, with Discussion of Volcanion, Gardevoir, and Metagross

Onwards and Upwards

Crafting a New Version of Decidueye, Brit’s 2017 NAIC Run, and “Good Not Good”
It emits psychic energy to observe and study what’s around it—and what’s around it can include things over six miles away. (Orbeetle)

A Blade of Glory

Teching out Lurantis-GX/Tapu Bulu, Considering its NAIC Playability, and Musings on Meta at Large

The Mask of the Darkness

Adjusting to a More Methodical Format, The Rise (and development) of Zoroark, and Owls Reborn

A Leaf in the Wind

Looking at Lurantis, Incorporating Promotional Power, and Seattle Regionals Recap

Fields of Blowing Frogs

Standard Greninja and Thoughts for Toronto

It’s Not Owl-ways a Good Time

Learning from Loss, Mailbag, and Top Trio for Brazil
A constant collector of information, this Pokémon is very smart. Very strong is what it isn’t. (Blipbug)