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On the Hollow Hunt

Falling Short with Lurantis in St. Louis, An Assessment of Decidueye as BDIF, and Following Up with New Concepts in Standard

Ándale El Toro

1st Place League Cup Report with Seismitoad/Crobat, Owl v. Bat for Spread, and Tauros-GX Hype

Alphabetical Order

An Analysis of the ABC Metagame, the Last of PRC–EVO, Nash’s Choice, and League Cups with Toad/Bats + Turbo Darkrai

The Dude Abides

Giving Up on Gardevoir, Jump-Cut to Fort Wayne, On the Success of Yveltal/Garbodor, and In the Lab for San Jose

Give It Up for Gardevoir

Orlando Report, Aside on Shuffling, An Evolving List, and Matchups Examined
With sly cunning, it tries to lure people into the woods. Some believe it to have the power to make crops grow. (Morgrem)

Nearly Nirvana

San Fran and Back Again, Perfect Blue, Sleeper Hits for Phoenix, and the Top 5 NA

19th & Filbert

Why Zee Gee, Ranger Thoughts Revisited, Really Really Rogues, and A Look at the 2017 Circuit

Super Soaker NM-2000

Nationals Report, My Retrospective Play, On the Supremacy of Night March, and GOing Home

Ethereal Blue

Personal Musings, N-Vestigations, Dark Origins, and a Whole Lotta Water

Spring Sprang Sprung

In Defense of Pile Shuffling, Sleeper Hits, BREAKing Point, and Decks of FATE
Found throughout the Galar region, this PokΓ©mon becomes uneasy if its cheeks are ever completely empty of berries. (Skwovet)

The March Effect

On Banishing Battle Compressor, Yveltal at States, and Night Marching Forward

March to States

Hyped Concepts, Tested Favorites, and the Puzzle of Puzzle of Time

Code Breaker

Thoughts and Methods for Cracking the Format

Split Infinitive

Mostly Missouri Cities Roundup and Out of the Ordinary for Winter Regionals


Crafting Crobat for Competitive Play, Meta Updates, and Rogue Highlights
Though it’s able to capture prey by freezing its surroundings, it has trouble eating the prey afterward because its mouth is on top of its head. (Arctovish)