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Bio: Hey all! I’m Celebi’ (pronounced “Celebi Prime”). I’ve been playing PokΓ©mon since 2010 and, when I when I was new to the game, 6P was a great resource – it’s taught me pretty much everything I know. I hope to help other new players like this great community helped me.

Cryogonal (Noble Victories NV 32)

Card of the Day
‘Sup, Celebi’ here. In an attempt to set the holiday mood, I’m reviewing Cryogonal from Noble Victories. Nothing says “Winter” like a big deadly snowflake! First things first – stats. 80 HP is pretty strong. It may not be quite as much as the legendary dragons or genies, but it’s much better than the average […]

Axew (Black & White Promo BW16 & BW26)

Card(s) of the Day
Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve written, but now I’ve got yet another special Card of the Day for you! Hope it’s worth the wait! Today’s double feature, requested by baby_mario, is on two Axews – BW Promos 16 & 26. Let’s get to it! The two Axew promos share several traits: 50 […]

Victini (Noble Victories NV 14 & 98, 15, & 43)

Card(s) of the Day
Hey y’all! Celebi’ here to proudly present…the first ever CotD Triple Feature! Today we’ll be going over all three Victinis from Noble Victories. Victini is obviously the star of the set. It has three (technically four) cards in NV, it’s on the pack art, and, well, the set is named Noble Victories. Victini is the […]

Politoed (Unleashed UL 7)

Card of the Day
Hey there SixPrizers (is that even a word?)! Hope you all had fun at Regionals! Today I’ll be reviewing a card that was (hopefully) not played in a single deck last weekend, but nonetheless was requested by 6P member Reshikrom64. That card is Politoed from Unleashed. Politoed is a Water type PokΓ©mon, which in this […]

Lilligant (Noble Victories NV 5)

Card of the Day
Hey all! Celebi’ here with a Card of the Day by the special request of baby_mario. That’s right – I’m reviewing Lilligant. I must say, we’ve had a Lilligant in every BW set so far and this one has got to be the cutest! But beauty is not what I’m reviewing today. Let’s get to […]

Minun (Unleashed UL 34)

Card of the Day
Hey there! It’s Celebi’ once again with a Card of the Day. Today’s subject is Minun from HS Unleashed, per request of Innocent_Shine, who said “we need more yellow.” :P Minun is a basic Lightning type PokΓ©mon with an average 60 HP. It’s got Fighting weakness, which is pretty bad (although Donphan Prime would OHKO […]

Gloom (Undaunted UD 27)

Card of the Day
Hi there! I’m back with another Card of the Day. This time’s we’ll be taking a look at Gloom from Undaunted requested by coolestman22. Most people probably aren’t too familiar with what Gloom does, but at the same time, most of us have seen it a ton and not paid attention. That’s because unsightly Gloom […]

Volbeat and Illumise (Triumphant TM 64 & 82)

Cards of the Day
Hi there, Celebi’ here! Today I’d like to present a Card of the Day double feature – Volbeat and Illumise! These two cards, playing off of the whole Volbeat x Illumise theme, work well together, and I decided to review them both! Volbeat and Illumise have similar stats: they’re both Grass types (yuck!), they both […]

Thundurus (Emerging Powers EP 97)

Card of the Day
Hey y’all! Celebi’ here again with a Card of the Day review of the poor ol’ genie, Thundurus. He’s always overshadowed by his big brother Tornadus (who got two COTD articles and a dramatic debate). So I decided to give Thundurus a chance to shine (pun intended – he’s extremely shiny IRL). Thundurus is a […]

Jirachi (Unleashed UL 1)

Card of the Day
Hey there folks! I’m back with a new Card of the Day article. This time, we’ll be focusing on Jirachi from Unleashed (which was also reprinted in Call of Legends). Jirachi is a Basic PokΓ©mon with 60 HP – about average for most basics, but a bit low considering it doesn’t evolve. Psychic typing isn’t […]

Sunflora (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 31)

Card of the Day
Hey all! It’s Celebi’, back with another Card of the Day! Today’s subject is Sunflora HS. While she’s been reviewed before, that was last format, and Sunflora is more widely played now. Sunflora’s statistics are nothing special – Grass type is awful, as I’ve mentioned in pretty much every Grass PokΓ©mon COTD I’ve written. 80 […]

Teddiursa (Call of Legends CL 73)

Card of the Day
Hey SixPrizes! It’s Celebi’ again, and this time I’m reviewing the uber-cute Little Bear PokΓ©mon, Teddiursa. Past his adorable looks, Teddiursa is actually quite a good card. First things first: stats. Teddiursa has a fairly low 50 HP, and Fighting weakness. This makes him susceptible to a donk, especially from Donphan (although he’d get Ko’d […]

Spinarak (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 83)

Card of the Day
Hey y’all! Celebi’ here. For this Card of the Day I decided to get in the Halloween groove and review this little guy. Nothing says “spooky” like a tiny little spider with a weird face on its abdomen, right? Spinarak HS is a very interesting card – at first glance, he seems terribly weak, but […]

Cinccino (Emerging Powers EP 85)

Card of the Day
Hello! It’s Celebi’ again. Today’s featured card is Cinccino from Emerging Powers. This one was a special request from baby_mario, who says, “I only want to see adorable cards on the FP.” Cinccino is certainly adorable. He even has bubbles in the background! OMG he’s so fluffy! </fangirl> Anyway, Cinccino EP has a lot to […]

Raichu (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 10)

Card of the Day
Hey guys! Today I want to take a look at Raichu from HeartGold & SoulSilver. He has, in my opinion, the cutest artwork in the entire set – but how does he measure up as far as playability? Let’s take a look. Raichu’s pre-evolution is the lovable Pikachu. There are four Pikachus in the format […]