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Toad in the Hole

Considerations for Conquering Seismitoad-EX

Tech for the Few or Prep for the Many?

A Piece on the Spectrum on Teching

Charting a Course

The Mental Map to VA Regionals

Is Rogue In Vogue?

An Examination of the Open-Air Meta

Welp, Time to Play Again

A Mini-Guide for Those Playing to the Tune of 300 CP
Its hairs work like muscle fibers. When its hairs unfurl, they latch on to opponents, ensnaring them as tentacles would. (Grimmsnarl)

Play It Out

In-Game Skill, Part 2: Thinking Strategically

No False Move

On Playing the Pokémon TCG Optimally

6 and Up

The Overt Simplification of the Pokémon TCG

Deft Decisions

In-Game Skill, Part 1: Technical and Strategic Play

It All Adds Up

Summarizing Arithmetic, The Little Rogue That Could
Infinite amounts of energy pour from this Pokémon’s enlarged core, warping the surrounding space-time. (Eternamax Eternatus)

The Name of the Game

Strategic Standards in Expanded and Standard Formats

Smart Mistakes

Trading In Conventional Wisdom for a Better Deck


A Brief US Nationals Recap, the Player vs. Judge Perspective, and a Little Something to Count On Come Worlds or Next Season

If You’re Prepared… Or If You’re Not

2014 US Nationals Deck Options for Varying Levels of Readiness

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Alternate Strategies to Victory
This Pokémon lived on prehistoric seashores and was able to preserve food with the ice on its body. It went extinct because it moved so slowly. (Arctozolt)