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Bio: Hello, my name’s Ross and I probably like the PokΓ©mon TCG a little bit too much. I play a lot in the UK and am currently in my third season. I’ve cut a few times and won a couple smaller tournaments but the highlight so far was grinding into Worlds last year!

I also run a weekly podcast called PTCGRadio (google it) all about the PokΓ©mon TCG. I’ve made a lot of friends through this game and am going to keep playing for a little while so if you see me, say hello! I’m trying to get into Worlds in a less nerve-wracking fashion this year, wish me luck!

Plucky Ploys

Postulating the Particularly Perplexing Pyroar Problem for Plasma (with the Podcast Person)
Drifts in shallow seas. Anglers who hook them by accident are often punished by its stinging acid. (Tentacool)
Almost incapable of moving, this PokΓ©mon can only harden its shell to protect itself from predators. (Kakuna)
When it swings its burning tail, it elevates the temperature to unbearably high levels. (Charmeleon)