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Holding out for a Cleffa (til the end of the night)

Tournament Report
Part 1 – Magneboar: The Birth of Floink Well, this was it. After 4 Battle Roads, including two 3rd place finishes, I was finally at the end of the road (get it?). I didn’t know if I could make this one but luckily it was right next to where my girlfriend goes to university and, […]

Two Tourneys, One Cup

Tournament Report
Part 1: Moving on up (Can Zekrom stop me?) (Sutton Coldfield, 15th October) So where we? That’s right; I had been to 2 Battle Roads. The first was a local one held on a Friday evening (eliminating the possibility of people travelling) where I recovered from a round 1 loss with my Stage 1s to […]

You can call me… Number 7

Tournament Report
Listen in kiddies and I’ll tell you the story of how I became ranked number 7 in the whole wide world: So, last season went OK. I finally won a tournament (admittedly a 5 person Battle Road, but still…) and I managed to top-cut Nationals and register tournament victories over 3 Worlds competitors, including the […]

What’s luck got to do (got to do) with it?

Let me preface this article with two examples of genuinely bad luck within the Pokémon TCG, both from UK Nats last year. 1. A player who went 6-1 in swiss with Dialgachomp endured his only loss when faced with a lone Unown Q start… against an opponent who ALSO had a lone Unown Q start. […]

What’s new Pussy Cat woah woah woah woah

Other So, it is officially coming. I know Worlds has just happened but seeing as I was rather jealous of people going and gutted that I was unable to attend, I’ve been preparing for Battle Roads. I will be at Worlds next year (hopefully as a competitor but I didn’t qualify this year so it […]

Ross’ Guide to Pre-Releases

As I start to type this the top 4 is being played in San Diego and everyone is wondering whether Ross (not me, the other Ross) can win Worlds with a deck previously unheard of. Quite frankly, props to the man for being original and I hope he wins. Unfortunately for Ross (me this time, […]

But why can’t I go to the Professor Cup? It’s not fair!

Note: I wrote this article a while ago, but was delayed posting it for several reasons, including wanting to post my Nationals report while it was still fresh. The day before I submitted this I discovered that Chris Fulop had written an article that appears to be on the exact same topic. I have not […]

Look Mummy, I Top-cut with Donphan

UK Nats Report
Hey. I was going to write a quick report of my time at Nationals in the UK, but it turns out I did pretty well and I managed to do so with a deck that nobody hyped before Nationals, so I thought I’d flesh it out a bit. I go into details where I can […]

Have Fun at Nationals (a plea!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited. I’m in the UK and I’m sitting writing this on 23rd May 2011 and I am becoming childishly excited. The kind of excited you get when you see a band you love for the first time or find out they’re renewing a TV show you love. […]

Complete Set Review! Call of Legends! Epic!

Every time a new set gets released I really want to see a comprehensive review, on a card by card basis, done by someone in the know. I would also love to go back and see this for every past set. I’m not saying I’m an authority, but I know my way around the Pokémon […]

So, Machamp / Donphan Can’t Win States?

Nottingham, UK States Report
After going 3-2 and missing the cut last week due to horrendous draws (see my report if you don’t believe me) I was very much looking forward to my next states. It was on my home turf which meant a nice short journey and a lot of people I knew. It was also nice as […]