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Leery of the Lion

Pyroar FLF vs. Mewtwo LV.X and My Top Three Decks Heading into US Nationals

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Flashfire

Stories from States and Regionals with Thoughts on the New Set

All’s Well That Ends Well

Jay’s 2014 Wisconsin and Iowa States Reports

State of the Union

Consistency, Dragonite, New Set Highlights, Top Decks for NXD-XY, and More

Le Petit Caporal

The Winter Waging of Empoleon (from Cities to Regionals)
This PokΓ©mon consumes particles that contaminate the air. Instead of leaving droppings, it expels clean air. (Galarian Weezing)

From the Ground Up

My Most Successful Decks of the NXD–LTR Format

Goodie Two Decks

Advanced Looks at Darkrai/Garbodor and Team Plasma
By rapidly rolling its legs, it can travel at over 18 mph. The temperature of the flames it breathes exceeds 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. (Carkol)
As a result of Rose’s meddling, _________ absorbed all the energy in the Galar region. It’s now in a state of power overload. (Eternamax Eternatus)