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Mosquito Fever

A Look at the Madison Regional Winning Buzzwole List

Drampapa’s Return

Jimmy’s Look at Drampa and Lucario for Expanded and the Best Decks in Standard

A Double Delivery Day

Jimmy’s SLC and SΓ£o Paulo Recaps and Forbidden Light Favorites

A Two-Headed Problem

Jimmy’s Analysis of Top Decks for Brazil Standard and Salt Lake City Expanded

From Rags To Riches

Jimmy’s Takes on Greninja, Vikavolt/Bulu, and Lucario for Standard
Anger has reignited its atrophied flame sac. This PokΓ©mon spews fire everywhere as it rampages indiscriminately. (Galarian Darmanitan)

One Dog, Two Dog, Old Dog, New Dog

Metagame-Influenced Lists for Zoroark/Golisopod and Sylveon, plus Zoroark/Lucario for Expanded

Dragons and Foxes and, uh, Trash? Oh My!

Looking Back on Drampa/Garb from Costa Mesa and 3 Zoroark Variants for Charlotte

The Top Tier

Jimmy’s Takes on Drampa/Garbodor and Zoroark/Eggs for Costa Mesa Expanded

Garbotoxin Strikes Back

Looking at the Top 8 Drampa/Garb from Dallas and More Garb for Standard

Old Dog, New Tricks

Pairing Zoroark-GX with Golisopod in Expanded
The faster a ________ can beat out a rhythm with its two sticks, the more respect it wins from its peers. (Thwackey)

If You Can’t Beat Em…

Discussing Zoroark/Seismitoad and Trevenant BREAK for Dallas Expanded

Getting Giddy for Greninja

Jimmy’s Memphis Recap and Ultimate Guide to Greninja

A Dive into Zoro-Madness

Examining Decidueye/Zoroark and Zoroark/Lycanroc for Memphis

The Gem of the West

Reflections on Playing Sableye in San Jose, ‘Marching to the Top, and Top Picks for Memphis

The Trio of the Top

Reviewing the 3 Ways to Play Gardevoir in BKT–CIN and Hopping Across the Pond with Greninja BREAK
Icy scales fall from its wings like snow as it flies over fields and mountains. The temperature of its wings is less than βˆ’290 degrees Fahrenheit. (Frosmoth)