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The Top Trio

A Discussion of Gardevoir/Sylveon, Drampa/Garbodor, and Volcanion in BKT–CIN

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

A Review of Volcanion’s Success at Hartford Regionals and Looking at List Specifics

The Second Stage

Building A Modern Metagross and Examining Gardevoir for Hartford

Junk Hunting

Recapping Jimmy’s Top 32 Ft. Wayne Run and Examining Standard Gardevoir for Connecticut

A New Reality

6th Place Worlds Recap, Adapting Espeon for BKT-On, and Tinkering with Trevenant
The lessons of many harsh battles have taught it how to accurately judge an opponent’s strength. (Corvisquire)

The Bird’s Last Stand

A Look at Techs, Tricks, and Matchups for Decidueye/Espeon/Ninetales for Anaheim
It sneaks into people’s homes, stealing things and feasting on the negative energy of the frustrated occupants. (Impidimp)