Jon Eng

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  • “1 of each Pokรฉmon > 1 billion lions”
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Bio: I first picked up cards in 2010, went to my first event in 2012, and have been in love with the game ever since. I am currently in my 3rd season as a master. Last season was my best season to date, and I canโ€™t wait to try to do even better this season! Here are some of my more notable accomplishments in Masters:

Top 32 Regionals x5
Top 16 Regionals x5
Top 8 Regionals x3
Finalist Regionals x1
Top 64 IC x2
Top 32 IC x2
Finished 11th in North America 2018-19 Season

It emits psychic energy to observe and study what’s around itโ€”and what’s around it can include things over six miles away. (Orbeetle)