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August Heat

Idea Dump Updates, the Not BDIFs, and ReshiZard’s Matchups In-Depth for Worlds
How’s it going guys, Jon here with another piece for you all. Since my last article, I have been buckling down on testing and familiarizing myself with the new format, and today I am here to give you an image of what is going on in my head in regard to what to play for […]

Starting Points and Launching Pads

The Latest on ReshiZard + PikaRom and Jon’s Idea Dump for Worlds
Hey guys, Jon here again with another article. With the release of Unified Minds and TPCi announcing that Worlds will be held with the post-rotation, UPR-on format, there’s a lot of information to take in and analyze in a short amount of time. There are so many new decks and cards that need to be […]

How to Train Your Dragons and Squids

Matchup Guides for Malamar & Friends and Ability ReshiZard for Origins + NAIC, and Some Words on the Final Stretch of the Season
How’s it going guys, Jon here with another article. I’ve been on a bit of a “break” from the game as I didn’t attend either Santa Clara or Madison Regionals, but I am excited to get back into it for the final stretch of the year. I’m currently sitting at 1289 Championship Points, which makes […]

Hit and Run and Hit and Run and…

Recapping the BLW–TEU Format, Expanded Now, and Hitmonchan for Hartford (with Many Matchups!)
Hey 6P readers! My name is Jon Eng and I’d like to welcome you to my first article on the site. I’m a player from Maryland and I’ve been playing competitively for the past 8 years. This is my second season as a Master and I am currently 12th in North America looking good to […]