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Bio: I’m a Top 16 North American Player from Orlando Florida. I have been playing the TCG since 2010. Some notable accomplishments include:

2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019 Worlds Competitor (7 consecutive)
2Γ— Worlds Top 64
1Γ— Worlds Top 32 (2019)
Top 4 Oceania Internationals 2019
1st Guatemala SPE 2019
1st Hartford Regionals 2019
9th Daytona Regionals 2019
9th Santa Clara Regionals 2019
9th Origins SPE 2019
Top 32 Collinsville Regionals 2019
Top 32 Philly Regionals 2018
Top 32 Memphis Regionals 2018
Top 64 London Internationals 2016/2017
2Γ— Top 64 Brazil Internationals 2018
Top 128 NAIC 2018/2019
Top 16 US Nationals 2013
Top 64 US Nationals 2010
2nd Florida Regionals 2014
2nd Florida States 2014/2016
Top 8 Texas Regionals 2014/2018
Top 8 Toronto Regionals 2018
1st Georgia States 2016
2nd Georgia Regionals 2013
Top 4 Georgia States 2011
Top 4 Alabama States 2016
2014 Professor Cup Champion
5Γ— 9th Regional/SPE Bubbles
28Γ— City/Cup Wins

Enter the Dragon

The Last Expanded Winner (Rayquaza-GX) Recharged for Richmond
Hey there 6P readers! For those that don’t know, I was able to win Hartford Regionals back in May with Rayquaza-GX. For this next article I’ll be discussing the changes I’d likely make to it going into Richmond Regionals. I still believe Rayquaza-GX is a strong contender in the Expanded format and that is why […]

Game of Cat and Fox

Mew Box/Ninetales for Knoxville
Hello there 6P! I am back again with a new article just in time for Knoxville Regionals this weekend. I was able to make Day 2 with a unique take on Mew Box paired with Ninetales TEU in Atlantic City. For this next article, I’ll be discussing the list I used at Atlantic City and […]

Star Power, Fire Flower

Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel and Jirachi/Mew Box for Atlantic City
Hello 6P readers! I’m back once again for one last article before Atlantic City Regionals this weekend. Today I’ll be dissecting a Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel build similar to Shintaro Ito’s that took 2nd at Worlds, and following that I’ll be discussing Jirachi-based Mew Box. There hasn’t been much talk about Jirachi in Mew Box, so I figured […]

Getting Warmer

JoseZard (1-Prizer Edition) and Mew Box (Post-Hidden Fates) for Atlantic City + KΓΆln
Hola 6P readers! I’m back again with another article and today I’ll be discussing updated lists for JoseZard and Mew Box. We saw the results from the Melbourne SPE and Sheffield Regionals recently which gave us more info on how decks should look moving forward. Usually, after a major event, decks tend to get tweaked. […]

Double Double Blaze

JoseZard (Card Choices, Matchups, Worlds Recap) and a Comparison to Tord’s Worlds Top 4 Ability ReshiZard List
Hey there 6P readers! I’m back again with a new article. The World Championships have concluded and with that, I am excited to start the new season. I’m coming off a Top 32 finish at Worlds with Ability ReshiZard. I was finally able to get past the Top 64 mark, a feat which had been […]

Soaring the Skies

GG Malamar w/ Dragon Talon and Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel for Worlds/DC Open
Hey there 6P readers! I’m excited to be back again writing for this fantastic site as this will be my second article on here. Worlds is inching closer and closer as the weeks have gone by. I’ve been doing a lot of coaching, testing, and just getting ready for Worlds all at once. I even […]

The DC Double

Two Worlds Powerhouses, PikaRom + ReshiZard, and How to Answer the Problem of Walls
Hey everyone, I’m glad to be writing for SixPrizes as this will be my first article on here. First, I’d like to thank Adam for giving me the opportunity to write for this wonderful site. For those that don’t know me, I play out of the Orlando, Florida area. I have been playing competitively since […]