Alex Hill

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Bio: I am a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Computer Science. Currently, I’m working in Atlanta GA for Enformia Inc as a Software Developer. I have been involved in the competitive scene of the PokΓ©mon TCG for over 10 years and wrote on and off for this site from 2010 to 2018.

Major Accomplishments:
2014/2015/2016/2017 Worlds Competitor
2017 Top 16 North America

2014 Ontario Provincial Champion
2014 Fort Wayne Regional Top 4
2015 Ontario Regional Champion
2016 Kansas Regional 2nd Place
2018 Collinsville Regional Top 4
2018 Costa Mesa Regional Top 4
2018 Portland Regional Top 4

2015 US Nationals Top 32
2016 London Internationals Top 16
2017 Oceania Internationals Top 8
2018 North America Internationals Top 32

2015 Worlds Top 32
2015/2016/2017 Worlds Day 2

The swirl pattern in this PokΓ©mon’s body is its weakness. If it gets stirred, the swirl loses its shape, and ________ gets dizzy. (Sinistea)
It’s capable of flying faster than 120 mph. It battles alongside Dreepy and dotes on them until they successfully evolve. (Drakloak)
It spits out thread imbued with a frigid sort of energy and uses it to tie its body to branches, disguising itself as an icicle while it sleeps. (Snom)