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Bio: I played the TCG competitively from the summer of 2010 through the end of the 2018 Worlds cycle. My time in the game started in the Senior division, with 3 years in the middle circuit, but I spent a longer duration on the elder circuit, and often I worked to offer a perspective on both aspects of the division discrepancies we can sometime see. I’ve wrote here at 6P from early 2015 through January 2019, but had been involved with the site for far longer on the forums and as an editor. From April 2017-January 2019, I managed the day-to-day article side of operations, and left site staff after that point.

I’m now at University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering, and can be found judging at the major tournaments on the circuit.

A Final Chapter

Looking at Trevenant BREAK, Lucario-GX, and Primal Groudon for Dallas Expanded, Plus News
January: winter, snow, school, resolutions, and more. For Pokémon players in North America (and, rumor has it, beyond), this year, Dallas Regionals will be the first of the New Year. With the Special Event in Dubai last weekend marking the first major event of 2019, the ball has dropped on the rest of the season’s […]

Can We Lost Zone Zoroark?

SixPrizes Podcast Ep. 28
A bit delayed on the front page, but dropped a few days ago. Kirk from the Super Rod Cast and Noel Totomoch have been spouting about Lost March for a few weeks, so Mike got them to talk about it! They also look at the fallout of Anaheim Regionals, discuss the ever-popular topic of what […]

Expanded’s Ethos

Looking at the Foundations of Success in Expanded Coming off the Anaheim Regional Championship
A year ago, Dallas’ Regional Championship was where Expanded really took off into the next level of bizarre. Our own Isaiah Williams, among others, piloted a Zoroark-GX/Exeggcute PLF concept that revolutionized Expanded at the time. Since then, it’s been a rotunda of Zoroark concepts of varying degrees of speed, flexibility, insanity, obnoxiousness, and pervasiveness. It’s […]

Merry Times in Maryland

6P Podcast Ep. 27
On today’s episode, Mike is joined by Maryland players Nguyen Tran and Charlie Lockyer—fresh off Top 8 at the latest Regional Championships in Roanoke, VA. They discuss their successful Virginia runs, the state of the Standard format, and give a peek into Expanded for Anaheim. iTunes SoundCloud  

The Mill Menace

Profiling the Stupendous Stalling Strategies of the Lost Thunder Standard Format and Spicy Techs to Counter the Storm
Hello everyone! Another Regional is in the books, and this one is a bit unique in the sheer number of players calling for the death of the format in which it occurred. That may be a bit of an overstatement colored in recency bias, but the calls for Lusamine’s banning, or some other remedy for […]

The Forest for the Trees

Christopher’s Look Back at Portland, ft. Trevenant BREAK Report & First Thoughts on Lost Thunder
Hello again, everyone! It’s good to be back after a pretty productive weekend in the Pokémon TCG world. We saw some top players’ ingenuity destroy Portland, in the sense that the deck was unbelievably versatile. I hit Daniel Altavilla’s iteration of it during my Day 1 run, and could not believe the sheer mass of […]

Expanded’s Expansive Entering Echoes

Friday Flyer #8: A Dearth of Remaining Expanded Puns, Commentary on the Expanded Format, and Mailbag
Hello again everyone! It’s been another exciting week of talking Expanded here on SixPrizes, with a trio of articles looking at some decks in the format. As I alluded in the Tweet on Mike Fouchet’s article yesterday, it’s a format that’s personally starting to feel a bit overwhelming—and if I’m feeling overwhelmed having played the […]

Expanding on Expanded

Friday Flyer #7: A Few More Expanded Notes and Nuggets
Hello everyone! Another week down, and this time, we moved thoroughly into the Expanded frontier. Travis, Pablo, and I had a trio of articles going into the larger format as we evolve past the bans it received this summer. It’s going to be an interesting format, and I’m curious to see what works out from […]

The Expanded Expose

Looking at the post-Ban World of Expanded and A Suite of Decks to Test
Another weekend down. While I may not have played this Standard format in a Regional event, I do get the distinct impression that many players aren’t necessarily huge fans of where we’re at. It was pretty cool to see some of Dragon Majesty make an impact this weekend—I saw more than one Kingdra-GX walking around […]

Bettering the Best

Friday Flyer #6: A Look at Tournament Play Best Practices
When I started this idea of a column a few weeks ago, I planned to hit on Expanded a pretty great deal in this early portion. As it happens, that has turned out to be a bit of a miss—other stuff has been more important, it’s been unavoidable that I talk about Standard, whatever may […]

The Magnificent Mail

Friday Flyer #5: The Inaugural Mailbag Edition
Welcome back, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying this way of wrapping up the week—I’ve enjoyed writing them, if nothing else. As always, feel free to drop any feedback my way. I’m going to keep the intro short today, as we’re going to go through the questions submitted to me over the last few days. A […]

Phinal Thoughts of the Week on Philly

Friday Flyer #4: Next Week’s Mailbag and Thoughts on Philly Meta
Welcome back! I underestimated my week’s craziness when I initially planned out the Flyer schedule for the month, so the mailbag edition I had planned for this week is going to wait one more before coming into being. The advantage of this: I get to plug the submission link this week! If any questions arose […]

The Dragon’s Den

Friday Flyer #3: A Look at 3 Dragon Majesty-Inspired Concepts
The first North American Regional of the season is quickly approaching—by now, if you’re planning to play, hopefully you have a good idea of the 60 you’re looking to use! With that in mind, talking more about the Philly format is probably not going to get us anywhere, so I want to move on to […]

Tournament Thresholds and Things

Friday Flyer #2: An Examination of the 19 Point Day 2 Cutoff
Seven days are all that separate North America’s player base from the first Regional Championship of the 2019 Championship Series. Of course, we’re looking at a bit longer for Europe, and Latin America is getting a head start with a Regional tomorrow—and all lag behind Oceania’s Melbourne Open. Nevertheless, for many of the people that […]

The Philly Feels

Podcast Ep. 23: Decks for Philadelphia Regionals
On today’s episode, Mike is joined by Russell LaParre, Chris Leandro, and Carl Barone to discuss the new format and top plays for Philadelphia Regionals—but, of course, not exclusive to Philadelphia! A must-listen for anyone looking to succeed in the upcoming format. iTunes SoundCloud