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The Guard of Gardevoir and Garbodor

The Mouthful of a Format, Recaping the Weekend in Vancouver, and on Preparation

Mediocritas Numquam Statuenda

Looking back at Hartford, Discussing the Matter of the Clock, and Daytona Primer

The Sounds Return

Podcast Ep. 6: Headed to Hartford

The Flame that Burns From Within

A Look at Ho-Oh-GX and its Matchups, An Aside on Volcanion, and Discussing Gardevoir

The Purple Queen

Examining Espeon in Expanded, Fort Wayne Recap, and Looking Beyond
While it’s engaged in battle, its mountain of coal will burn bright red, sending off sparks that scorch the surrounding area. (Coalossal)

Revision Accepted

Looking at New Realities for Old Favorites in the Expanded Format, Raikou/Eels for Fort Wayne, and Final Thoughts on Anaheim

Onto the Beyond

Podcast Ep. 5, Examining Decks and Concepts for Anaheim

Burning Desire

Some 6P News, Dissecting Drampa/Garbodor, Guessing at Greninja (ugh), and Guiding Gardevoir for Anaheim

To the Sky and Beyond

Podcast Ep. 4, 2018 Structure Preview and Discussion

The Equality of Evenness

Musings on the Community Invitation Structure Debate and Beginning Burning Shadows Discussion
With a lithe body and sharp claws, it goes around stealing food and eggs. Boltund is its natural enemy. (Thievul)

A Tale of Three Seasons

Examining the 2017 World Championships US+CA Delegation, and Exploring the Path to Anaheim

The Silence

Weekend Review and Aftermath of the Inaugural North American International Championship

SixPrizes: The Podcast, Ep. 2

On Regional Results, North American Internationals,

All Fun and Games

2017 6P North American International Championships Fantasy Competition

The Making of Success

Manufacturing the Perfect Metagross-GX List, Considering Metal’s Place in the Meta, and Overall NAIC Thoughts
It can race around like a unicycle, even on rough, rocky terrain. Burning coal sustains it. (Rolycoly)