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Bio: Kenny Wisdom is a player, commentator, and content creator from the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome to the Party, ‘Zard

Santa Clara Regionals Wrap-Up, Featuring: A Zoroark-Less Top 8, an Analysis of Kian’s 1st-Place ReshiZard, and Other Important Takeaways
Hey everyone! At the time of my writing this, the Santa Clara Regional Championships has been wrapped up for a few hours. I want to dedicate this article to analyzing the results of the first major SUM–UNB Standard format tournament in North America. As soon as the full set list was announced, it was clear […]

It’s Like a Sauna in Here

An Unbroken Bonds Review, Blastoise/Alolan Ninetales, and All-Basics ReshiZard
Hello everyone! This week is an interesting one as a new set has just been released, and we have a rare break in the major tournament cycle! For that reason, instead of outlining testing results and advising you on what to come equipped with for the next Regionals, I’d like to take a look at […]

The Expanded Experience

On Doing Homework, the Archetypes Masters, and Three Reasons Why Comfort is Key in Expanded
Hello everyone, Kenny Wisdom here. I’m happy to be back writing for Underground for the second time this month, this time taking a look at the Expanded format ahead of this weekend’s Daytona Regional Championships. It may not always be the prettiest, healthiest formatβ€”though right now, it isβ€”but all things considered, I have to admit […]

Rocky Mountain, Hi

How to Approach a “Solved” Format and Kenny’s Play for Denver (Zoroark/Lycanroc/Lucario)
Hi all, Kenny Wisdom here again, happy to bring you another Underground article. Today we’re largely going to be focused on philosophical preparation and my play for the Regional Championships in Denver this weekend. This tournament is interesting because it takes place at a time in the format’s life cycle in which most of the […]

Signs of the Times

Recapping Toronto’s Headlines, the Two Paths, and on Trevenant, Zoroark/Garbodor, and Night March for Greensboro
Hello everyone, Kenny Wisdom here again. By now I’m sure you’re all caught up on the results of this past weekend’s Regional Championships in Toronto, which was an exciting event! Not only was it the first major Expanded event since the release of Team Up, but it was also the first time played Expanded at […]

Three On (and In) One

Pikachu & Zekrom-GX/Electric.dec, Lost March (SUM–TEU, Pre-Oceania IC), and Some Commentary on the Recent DQs and Suspensions
Hi everyone, Kenny Wisdom here again bringing you another Underground article just head of this weekend’s International Championship in Australia. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for this article being late. Washington state has been hit with a brutal snow storm that has left me snowed in and without reliable electricity for quite some time. Thankfully, […]

1,200 HP Over the Sea

Magikarp & Wailord-GX Stall/Mill for Dallas Regionals
Hey everyone, Kenny Wisdom here again. Happy to be back writing about something I have a love–hate relationship with, but is always near and dear to my heart: the Expanded format. This weekend is the Dallas Regional Championships here in the United States, and it’s bound to be an interesting event for a couple of […]

A Ragged Race

Defending Yourself Against Shady Tactics and Tricks (Cheating) in the Pokémon TCG
Hello everyone, Kenny Wisdom here once again. As I sit down to write this on a Sunday afternoon here in the most beautiful place in the country, Harrogate Regionals has been wrapped up for a few hours and the Expanded players in Anaheim have reached the elimination rounds. I don’t have much of an interest […]

Myriad Musings

Kenny’s Thoughts on a Mix of Current Community Conundrums
Hello everyone! Kenny Wisdom here, happy to bring you another article on SixPrizes. As I sat down to write this piece, it struck me that there were a number of things I wanted to write about. After trying and failing to pick one topic to go deep on, I decided that it would be disingenuous […]

A Garbodor Garrison

Examining Drampa-GX/Garbodor’s Playability for the Expanded Portland Regional Championships
Hey guys, Kenny Wisdom here again with another strategy article. This time I wanted to focus this weekend’s Portland Regional Championship. Portland is the only remaining Regional Championship in the Pacific Northwest, is one of my favorite places in the world, and is only two hours from my house, so I wouldn’t miss it for […]

Beating Back the Buzzwole Band

On Countering Buzzwole/Shrine of Punishments, Zoroark/Golisopod, and Zoroark/Lycanroc for Philly
Hey everyone! Kenny Wisdom here, excited to bring you my first article of the new season, and since the monumental rotation that occurred just a few weeks ago! I chose this date for my article as I knew that we’d all have a few weekends to get tournaments under our belts before playing in the […]

The Fiery Fumes

The Lowdown on the Likeliest Lists for Zoroark/Magcargo for Worlds ’18
Hey everyone! Kenny Wisdom here again, excited to bring you another article on the greatest Pokémon strategy website in the world. If you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days (just over a week by the time you’re reading this) until the World Championship. Worlds is always the best week of the year for […]

A Storm Brewing

Initial Thoughts on Celestial Storm and How to Properly Evaluate New Cards
Hello everyone! Kenny Wisdom here, fresh off of the NAIC. I had a great time in Columbus, and I hope you all did as well. Special thanks to everyone who came up to me to have something signed, take a picture, or just to chat. I always enjoy interacting with the community, especially fans of […]

The Next Arena

Kenny’s Thoughts on Qualifying for Worlds 2019 and a Retrospective on the 2018 Season Structure
Hey everyone, Kenny Wisdom here again. This is probably my favorite time of the year to be a Pokémon player. Regionals are all wrapped up, and all that remains are the two biggest (and in my opinion best) events of the year: The North American International, and the World Championship. These next couple of months […]

A Perfect Pair

On Gardevoir and Drampa/Garbodor for Utah and Improving Your Pace of Play
Hey everyone, Kenny Wisdom here again. Today we’re going to touch on two major subjects: this weekend’s Utah Regional Championship, and the recent slowplay and declumping issues that have been talked about everywhere in the wake of the Latin America International Championship. My hope is to provide interesting, unique analysis of both using the word […]