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A Perfect Pair

On Gardevoir and Drampa/Garbodor for Utah and Improving Your Pace of Play

Preparing for Primetime

Kenny’s Look at All Aspects of Casting Competitive Pokรฉmon TCG

On a Plethora of Perplexing Problems

Kenny on the State of Expanded, Luck, and Upcoming Events

The Greatness of Greninja

Kenny Wisdom on Greninja BREAK for Your Next Expanded Event

Banned to the Bone

Discussing the Expanded Format Banned List and Possible Revisions
Jumping nimbly about, this small-bodied Pokรฉmon takes advantage of even the slightest opportunity to disorient larger opponents. (Rookidee)

A World of Wonder

Kenny Wisdom on the Community and What You Can Do About It

Being at Your Best

Kenny’s Guide to Success in Tournament Preparation and Progression

The Phantom Guide

The Comprehensive Look at What Kenny Wisdom will be Playing (and Eating!) in Vancouver

From the Outside Looking In

Thoughts on the Game from a Commentator’s Perspective

Go Fish

Revisiting Mulligans, Benching Out, and First Turn Rules
Living with a savage, seafaring people has toughened this Pokรฉmon’s body so much that parts of it have turned to iron. (Galarian Meowth)

All the Small Things

Three Ideas for Improving League Challenges

Shipping & Handling

Tips on Card Storage and a New Season Mailbag

DD, BO, and JVW

Kenny Wisdom’s 2015 World Championship Adventures

Kind of Blue

1st Place Water Gym Tournament Report!

Wicked Awesome B.O.

Thoughts on the Boston Open at Worlds 2015
It flies on wings of apple skin and spits a powerful acid. It can also change its shape into that of an apple. (Flapple)