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Bio: I am from the Northeast – grew up in New York, went to college in Pennsylvania and now live in Philadelphia/Baltimore. I am a high school mathematics and technology teacher.

I have been playing competitively since the 2003-2004 season, taking a break from going for a Worlds invite from 2009 – 2014. In addition to my accomplishments below, I have been involved with SixPrizes since its inception, head up the podcast, and have worked with almost every top player in the game at some point or another. I am a member of Team X-Files, which has some of the best players to have ever played the game and more accolades over the years than almost any other team.

Accomplishments (2004 – 2010) :
-T4, T8, and T16 US Nationals (2008, 2004, 2010)
-T32 Worlds (2005, 2006)
-Multiple T4 or better placements at Regionals and States

Accomplishments (2015-2018)
-Day 1 Worlds invitee every year that has made it through to Day 2 each time
-T8 Philadelphia Regional (2014)
-2nd Philadelphia Regional (2016)
-Multiple Day 2’s and T16’s at Regionals
-Multiple T8’s at States

The Podcast: Ep. 25

‘Exploring Expanded’ with an Eye toward Portland’s Regional Championships
On this episode, Mike is joined by Israel Sosa, Phinnegan Lynch, and Tyler Ninomura to discuss the new look of the Expanded format heading into the first large Expanded event of the year: Portland Regionals! iTunes SoundCloud

The Expansive Echoes

Profiling Alolan Exeggutor and Vespiquen, Plus More Expanded Thoughts and Tidbits
What up everyone. The transition from Standard to Expanded is always exciting and one I have enjoyed over the last few seasons. Even when Expanded feels very stale and broken, the sheer number of possible combinations available leads to some interesting and fun thought experiments. With the recent bans of key, oppressive cards, this process […]

Monkeying Around

Mike’s Look at Zoroark/Weavile and Passimian from Philadelphia, Plus Moving Forward
Hey all! I’m fresh off participating in Philadelphia Regionals and ready to share some lessons with you! The tournament did not go super well for me, but I had a good time none the less. I did not get a ton of time to test in between Worlds and this tournament, as the new school […]

The Best of the Bunch

A Look at the Worlds Meta, Gardevoir, Gallade, and Decidueye
Hey all! I hope you have been enjoying your summer, whether you have to work or actually have had a nice extended break! My summer is coming to an end very soonβ€”work starts back up again in just a few days for me. I have been trying to cram as much testing into my time […]

Reflections on Columbus

Podcast Ep. 21: The Best Decks from NAIC
In the first episode post-NAIC, Mike is joined by 3 guests who piloted unique decks and decklists to strong finishes at said event. Philip Schulz discusses the unique Zoroark list that he took to a Top 32 finish and Tord finished 2nd place with. James Arnold discusses Yveltal BREAK, a deck he piloted to Top […]

The Tough Spots

Looking at Zoroark/Lycanroc’s Chances for NAIC ’18
Hey allβ€”happy to be back with another installment in our mini-marathon. While my look at Gardevoir was perhaps a bit grandioseβ€”and I certainly intended for it to be that wayβ€”today my discussion will be a bit more modest. I have only played two decks in the Standard format in tournaments this year (except my first […]

The Gardevoir Guard

A Profile of Gardevoir-GX/Gallade as an Option for NAIC ’18
What’s up everyone! It has been a few months since my last article: the podcast has taken most of my content creation time and personal things (finishing up the school year at work and getting ready for a big move) have limited my ability to write consistently. However, I am excited to write not one, […]

Sizing up Sheffield

Podcast Ep. 20: Getting a Grip on Standard
This week, join Mike and his guests as they discuss Standard ahead of this weekend’s Sheffield Regionals. He was able to find 4 very strong players attending the event, namely Robin Schulz, Alex Dao, Frank Percic and Eric Gansman! Listen in if you’re fiending to beat Buzzwole at your upcoming League Cups or you want […]

Shedding Light on Madison

Podcast Ep. 19: Investigating Standard For Wisconsin
For this week’s episode, Mikey hosted a slew of competitors new and experienced to talk Standard. He was joined by Dallas Regional Champion Riley Hulbert, Regional Top 8 Competitor Rukan Shao, and our very own Brit Pybas to take a look into a future with seemingly less Buzzwole! The group touches on almost every deck […]

Fairly Forbidden

Podcast Ep. 18: Shedding a Light on the Forbidden Formats
In this episode, Mikey and his guests discuss the impact of Forbidden Light on the Standard and Expanded formats (but mostly Expanded). Join him, Frank Diaz, Rahul Reddy, and Alex Hill as they look forward to the upcoming Virginia Regionals and this weekend’s Mexico City Special Event! The group also discusses their differing approaches to […]

Loco for Latin America

Podcast Ep. 16: Previewing the Sao Paulo International Championship
This week, Mikey hosted 3 of the most successful American players on the International stage to discuss the Standard metagame as we head into the Latin America International Championship. This episode features Michael Pramawat, Joe Ruetteger, and our own Jimmy Pendarvis who will all be attending Brazil’s International Championship next week. The group discusses the […]

The Church of Gardevoir

A Standard Look at Gardevoir-GX, with Expanded Profiles of M Gardevoir & Durant
What’s up everyone! Last time I was here, we were looking down a fairly uncertain metagame in Charlotte, followed by an even more uncertain metagame in Portland with the release of Lucario-GX. The metagame has turned in a direction I did not expect, but it is the world we live in today. Today I’ll discuss […]

I Wanna be the Very Best

Podcast Ep. 15: How To Improve Your Game
This week, Mikey sat down with Russell LaParre and our own Pablo Meza to discuss the Standard and Expanded formats as they sit after the last month of nonstop tournaments. Additionally, the three discuss different ways to improve your testing and gameplay skills. Between these topics and anecdotes to show you how to put the […]

The Zenith of Zoroark’s World

A Charlotte Primer, a Trio of Zoroark decks, and…Mega Sceptile?
Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last article. I have been busy the last two months, both in my personal and my PokΓ©mon life. Personally, I have gone through the process of finding a new job. Luckily, that search was quicker than I anticipated, and I have a new school I will […]

Shenanigans in Charlotte

Podcast Ep. 14: Starting March’s Standard Madness
This week, Mikey sat down with Azul Garcia Griego, Chip Richey (Trainer Chip), and our own Xander Pero to recap Expanded and look ahead to Charlotte Regionals. They talk in depth about Zoroark/Golisopod and Buzzwole/Lycanroc as the best decks Standard, as well as potential shifts in both metagames. https://soundcloud.com/sixprizes/episode-14-shenanigans-in-charlotte Download ? iTunes ? SoundCloud ☁