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Bio: Christian started collecting Pokémon cards in 1999. With lack of money and resources, he decided to sell the cards and move on. In 2011, he decided to get back into collecting, and also play the game. With much more resources, and help from his friends in the Pokémon circuit, Christian was able to play in a competitive level. He manages to collect cards that he needed and also play with them competitively. He was able to hit Top Four at the Surrey, BC Autumn BR, and finishing 4th place. He will continue to become a good player and able to play other competitive players. Besides Pokémon, his hobbies are meeting new people, movies, books, and playing sports. He graduated with a Diploma in Criminology, and wants to work in a law enforcement environment.

Its amusing movements make it very popular. It releases its psychic power from the pattern on its belly. (Mr. Rime)