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Two and a Few

Pre-NAIC Tournament Results, What They Mean, PikaRom vs. ReshiZard, and Words on a Bunch of High-Placing Lists
This article is going to be focused on giving an overview of what decks are viable going into NAIC, while also looking at what decks have been performing the best and what those trends might suggest going forward. Recent Results (Santiago & Origins) Headed into NAIC, it is important to track what decks have been […]

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Fulop’s Fiery Unbroken Bonds Set Review, Exploring SUM–UNB w/ ReshiZard, Gardeon, and Baby Blace, and Innovations at EUIC
Hello again everyone! There have been two major happenings recently: The International Championships held in Berlin at the end of April, and the release of the new expansion, Unbroken Bonds. Since the metagame in Berlin continued to be stale, and with Unbroken Bonds hopefully rendering many past results less meaningful as we delve into a […]

Solidified Standard

A Look at the Established Contenders (Lightning Toolbox, Zapdos/Ultra Beasts, Blacephalon, Zororoc, and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar) for Denver Regionals
With the most recent Expanded Regionals behind us, and the upcoming Unbroken Bonds expansion (and our brand new old friend Lt. Surge!) still a month or so away from release and legality, those of us looking to gather up some extra points toward their Worlds invites are left playing a Standard format that is looking […]

The Fun Police and Other Silly Tales

PikaRom, A Bunch of Zoroarks (Garbodor, Golisopod, Golisopod/Lucario), Rayquaza/Ho-Oh, and Archie’s Blastoise for Toronto
Hello again everyone! Today I get to step outside of my comfort zone. Today I cover Expanded. I haven’t played in a large Expanded event since Yveltal-EX/Raichu XY was a viable archetype. (I did manage to take 10th place in a Regionals with the deck, so Expanded does bring back some fond memories.) Clearly, a […]

High Voltage Down Under

Oceania IC Results Discussion, Breakout Cards, and the Four Major Decks Heading into Collinsville
Hello again everyone! The first major tournament to feature Team Upβ€”the Oceania Intercontinental Championshipsβ€”is in the books, and boy did the new set make an impact! Between the draw engine featuring Jirachi TEU, the powerful Pikachu & Zekrom-GX TAG TEAM, and the hyper-aggressive Zapdos TEU, the new metagame was shaped entirely around exciting new cards. […]

Are You Squidding Me…

The Return of Fulop’s Korner, Malamar Goes Far, and a Special Poll (RED or BLUE?)
Hello again, everyone! It has been quite a while since I have written for SixPrizes [from the Editor: his last article was published just over four years ago, in Dec ’14], but I am glad to have the opportunity to be back! Since this is my first article here in quite a long time, I’d […]

Return of the King

The Meta, LeBronzong, and a Ton of Toads
Before I discuss the meta and my new favorite deck, I want to praise Pokémon’s decision to re-work the structure for Worlds this year. 500 Championship Points was too daunting. You had to travel a lot (likely fly) to try and grind those Points, and even then, you needed luck on your side. Besides this, […]

Standard Time

Archetypes and Homebrews, Split Decisions and the Magic Way
Hello again everyone! Fall is one of the most exciting points in the Pokémon Organized Play season, as we transition from small events, in the form of localized League Challenges, to the first major events of the post-Worlds rotation, Autumn Regionals. At the time of this writing, we’ve had two weekend’s worth of the tournaments […]

A Real Heavyweight

Looking Back at LBS (Lugia ex, Blastoise ex, Steelix ex)
With the rise in popularity in players wanting to explore older formats, I decided to write an article about my favorite deck in the history of this game: LBS. As someone who has played this game since its American release in 1998 and seen success at tournaments since 2001 (I took 2nd at the East […]

Circle of Life

Worlds Outlook, What We Lose, Furious Fists Review, and Super Secret Plant Deck
Hello again ladies, gentlemen, and children! (I feel like I need to develop some kind of intro and closing catchphrase for all of my articles to brand myself, but I’m coming up at a loss here. I’ll keep trying, guys!) A lot has been happening in the Poké-world lately. We’ve witnessed the prerelease of the […]

Three Sides

My Expected Metagame Triangle for US Nationals 2014
US Nationals. One of my favorite tournaments each year. I mean, I may a bit biased having been lucky enough to win the event back in 2007. Yeah, I have to run the shameless blatant brag every so often. (Very often.) The event is a chance for the game’s top players to buckle down and […]

As the Format Turns

Final Lists of NXD-XY, Flashfire Set Review, and Updated Decks
Hello everyone! After not being scheduled to write for March, I’m back just in time for the release of the new set (Flashfire) featuring everyone’s favorite fire dragon thing (Charizard). Let me also point out that Flashfire is the first pretty awesome name for an expansion we’ve had in awhile! I’m sure it is an […]

It’s Been a Minute

An All-Inclusive Tome on the Early NXD-XY Format
Hello everyone. I just wanted to preface that I am overjoyed to be writing for Adam and SixPrizes again after quite the time away from the Underground program. After Worlds 2011, I took a break from the game, deciding to focus my time and energy on playing Magic: The Gathering instead of Pokémon, due to […]