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Zeels vs The Field

Fulop runs Zekrom Eelektrik through the gauntlet. Included are extensive game recaps vs CMT, Durant, Terrakion, and the mirror match. Lots of detail and insight into how a pro like Chris plays the deck. Get your reading glasses ready…


Fulop gives a lengthy on dissertation on the age old question: is 2 or 3 Mewtwo EX the play? Also included are a bunch of deck lists (CMT, Zeels, Durant, VVV, Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo, Donphan/Mewtwo, Terrakion, and TyRam).

How to Become a Real Life Regice

Deck Analysis
In this special Underground article, Chris Fulop explains how to transform into a real life Regice. Also included are his three top picks for States, complete with deck lists and a scattering of nuggets to help you pull the right plays in tough matchups.

Gary Potter

Part 8 – The Trainer’s Discourse
Ok… SUPER cheesy title. This article is probably longer than some of the HP books, hence the play off that series. Included is a full transitional segment from Cities results to the inclusion of NDE and the state of the format heading into States. Lots of deck lists too (10 total).

Fulop’s Korner: Hey, I’m Back!

Deck Analysis
Fulop is back after about a month hiatus and has a lot of decks to share… FIFTEEN in all. Yowzers, that’s a lot! I barely have enough toes to count that high. If you want some fresh lists and ideas to play around with, this is the article for you.

Fulop’s Korner: 8.5 Deck Lists for Regionals

Deck Analysis
T-minus 17 days until Fall Regaionals in the US… time to start gearing up!! Chris hooks you up with 8.5 decks lists in this killer article (yes, 8.5). Plenty of ammo here for your playtesting arsenal. Also included: WHAT IS THE PLAY?


Deck Analysis
Chris Fulop comes to you live from his retirement home in Boca Raton, Florida to discuss his secret deck, a very expensive deck, a couple ZPS variations, Lostgar, and Emboar Reshiram. Included are 6 decks lists and plenty of humor.

Fulop’s Korner: Deck Lists for Battle Roads

Battle Roads are soon… do you know what you’re playing? Former US national champ Chris Fulop hooks you up with 6 deck lists he’s been using in the post-Emerging Powers format. If you’ve been slacking with your playtesting lately, don’t worry… Chris has got you covered.

Fulop’s Korner: Emerging POWERS

Fulop’s Korner is back with discussion about the new tournament structure, Emerging Powers card-by-card analysis, and some thoughts about how decks will adjust for Battle Roads. Included are two deck lists: 1 take on Gothitelle, and 1 take on Beartic.

Fulop’s Korner: Worlds 2011

Tournament Report
Fulop is back from Worlds with his exclusive tournament report plus analysis of the event. Included are his deck choice + deck list as well as Master winner David Cohen’s Emboar deck list, and some Captain Planet is thrown in for good measure.

Fulop’s Korner: What’s the play?

Deck Analysis
Fulop has been testing and he shares his thoughts on various decks in this article, including Tyranitar, Emboar Magnezone, Typhlosion Reshiram, Donphan Yanmega Zoroark, Kingdra Prime Yanmega, Vileplume, ZPS, and… Pikachu? Grinder tips included too.

Fulop’s Korner: The Last Stand

There is a lot of post-Nats analysis and a few extremely good deck lists in this article (Yanmega/Zone, Stage Ones, and ReshiPhlosion), but “The Last Stand” section is one of the best written pieces I’ve seen in an article on this site.