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Fulop’s Korner: How to Win the Professor Cup

Deck Analysis
Wanna do REALLY well in the Professor Cup and win some cool prizes? Chris has got you covered with full analysis on yet another format Pokemon has thrown at us… article is complete with 5 deck lists and breakdowns of every type!

Fulop’s Korner: Article X

Battle Roads coverage, a MD-BW Cinccino idea, Emboar Magnezone updates, plus tactics to BEAT the deck… in a 4 deck lists and a whole lotta Fulop. Oh and a “lame duck” sighting too. So why is it called “Article X”… ?

Fulop’s Korner: Someone’s Been a Bad Boar…

Deck Analysis
Former US National Champ Chris Fulop gives a thorough run-down of his top Black & White cards, what older cards are good and which are bad now, and shares what he believes to be one of the top HGSS-on decks. Oh… and there’s a Bad Boar too.

Fulop’s Korner: The Masculine Bass + B/W Analysis

Note from Adam: This article was written before the announcement of the potential mid-season rotation to HGSS-on. Chris will address the news in the forums. Alright everyone! With Regionals behind us, we are looking forward to a rather turbulent time in the world of the PokΓ©mon Trading Card Game. If you have paid attention whatsoever […]


Deck Analysis
Tired of Luxchomp? Looking for a good rogue alternative? Former US National Champ Chris Fulop has got you covered with 5 rogue decks that can duke it out with the big guns. Included are 5 rogue deck lists plus some compulsory babbling.

Fulop’s Korner: Ohio States Report and Musings

Tournament Report
Fulop tells all as usual… included in this one are 3 Luxchomp lists Chris played darts with before the event, his tournament report, plus thoughts and analysis for next weekend. Real in depth discussion in this one as usual for all you Luxchomp lovers/haters.

The BIG LostGar Article

Deck Analysis
Ok… this is THE ARTICLE you’ve been waiting for! The BIG LostGar article from Chris Fulop! This is the end-all article to settle the debates on the legitimacy of LostGar. Included are 3 unique takes on the decks along with loads of strategy and matchup analysis. You GOTTA see this one…


Deck Analysis
Yet another captivating article from Chris… this one’s about LostGar (no deck list yet), Palkia Lucario (deck list included), and a complete segment on “Layer Theory” – a theory that explains what separates winning players from losing players, and how to use this theory to accelerate your learning curve.


As Played by Chris Fulop
In a unique style of article, totally new to the Pokemon community, Chris Fulop lets us see what goes on in his head as he uses LuxChomp against his opponent. Turn by turn thoughts and actions are explained by a consumate pro at the deck.

Tangents and Deck Lists

Former US National Champion Chris Fulop talks about various topics, ranging from Call of Legends speculation to what’s hot (and what’s not). Included are 4 deck lists of top Cities performers (plus Magnezone/Yanmega).

Everything You Need to Know Right Now (and then some)

Chris takes an informal approach to article writing and discusses the following topics: 1. “City Championships: What is the play?” 2. “A Quick Recap of The Last 2 Cities I Went To” 3. “Lost World and the State of Post Call of Legends Pokemon” 4. “Black and White Cards Spoiled!” 5. “Black and White Rules Issue” 6. “LuxChomp Innovations” 7. “I Know You Want Deck Lists, So Here Are Some Deck Lists” 8. “Why the Best Type of Pokemon are Wails”

Chris Fulop’s City Championship Marathon

The Road to #1 in North America
The City Championship season is well underway, and I’d imagine most of the readers on this site have already cut their teeth at one or more of them so far. If the local metagame is anything remotely indicative of the rest of the country, you’ll notice the following decks have really defined the format so […]

A Guide to Deck Building and How to Overtech Your Deck

Besides being a former United States National Champion, Worlds Finalist, and an overall Charming and Handsome guy, one of the things I have been known for in my time playing this game has been my tendancy to tech, or even ‘overtech’ my decklists. Some people have agreed with my methods and theories over the years, […]

Post-Triumphant Machamp Deck List and Analysis

Deck Analysis
The Fall Battle Road season has come to an end, and we are faced with a fairly well-defined metagame. The format has been dominated by SP decks, ranging from LuxChomp to DialgaChomp and to Sableye variants. Beyond that, the two most successful decks were Gengar/Vileplume and Machamp decks. These could be straight, speed-based Machamp decks, […]