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Taking Initiative with Chiofalock

Deck Analysis & Tournament Report
One of the cards that I have been a fan of ever since it was released has been Cyrus’s Initiative. The ability to take key cards out of an opponent’s hand, albeit at a few coin flips, can be absolutely devastating. After failed attempts to use Porygon2 and friends to do a complete hand lock, […]

A Void In The Format: Replacing Claydol

One of the biggest “shocks to the system” hitting the new 2010-2011 Modified Format is the rotation of the fighting type Pokémon Claydol. Claydol was a near requirement in every deck for the past 3 years. Despite being a normal rare, the card spiked to nearly 20 dollars a piece before it was released as […]

Battle Roads Report Plus Dialga Discussion!

Deck Analysis & Tournament Report
With the Battle Road season starting up in the middle of September, I made it a priority to head out and attend one in the first weekend to both get some good experience with the new format, and in order to win one of the nifty new Victory Medal promos. I have an admitted soft […]

An Introduction to the 2010-2011 Season

The switch over to this new format has been an interesting one. One thing that stands out is how similar it is to the prior one. The number of cards which rotated was at an alltime low: Only 4 sets worth. The number of those which were actually seeing play at the end of last […]