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Hi-Yo, Keldeo

Zigging Through the GX-Dominated Metagame with QuagNag/Keldeo-GX and Malamar/Spell Tags
Hello everyone! I’m back with news on the world of competitive Pokémon TCG. Here in São Paulo, Brazil, many League Cups and Challenges are happening, and they have been attended by many players, with an average of 40 players in League Cups and 25 players in League Challenges. The metagame around here hasn’t changed much […]

Mewtwo Strikes Flint

How I Found the “True Form” of Mew Box, the Catcher-Less Junior Top 4 List, and a Comparison to Henry Brand’s Masters Winning List
Hello everyone! August has been an important month for the Pokémon TCG. We had three major happenings, which were (1) the rotation of Standard to UPR-on, (2) the arrival of the new Unified Minds, and of course (3) the Pokémon World Championships 2019. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Worlds this year, but during July and […]

1 Month Later…

My Favorite Decklists for Worlds, Including ReshiZard, PikaRom (w/ + w/o Jirachi), Dark Box, Blacephalon, Malamar, and Lost March
Howdy SixPrizes readers! As I said in my previous article about a month ago, my goal for July was to test as many decks as possible and bring the ones I liked the most to you, as well as improve the lists presented last month. So, let’s get straight to the point because today’s article […]

What Comes After Z

Goodbye Insane Cards (We Will Miss You) plus ReshiZard, Raikrom, and Malamar/Ultra Necrozma-GX for UPR-on
Hey SixPrizes readers! We’ve reached the end of another Pokémon TCG season with a lot of interesting things happening, such as the release of new sets and Zoroark-GX winning tons of tournaments, including the North America International Championships 2019. And speaking of which, we’re actually waving the Illusion Fox Pokémon goodbye from the new Standard […]

Trading in Woops

A Journey with QuagNag through São Paulo, and Why Zoroark-GX is Now My Main Until the End of the Season
Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since my last article and in the meantime a lot has happened. A month ago, Unbroken Bonds hadn’t been released and I was studying hard to try to understand what the metagame would look like. Well, I ended up playing São Paulo Regionals with Quagsire/Naganel and even got […]

New Kids on the Block

ReshiZard & Friends, Turbo PikaRom, QuagNag, and Both Blacephalon on the Spotlight
Hello everyone! I’m Gabriel Pino Semedo from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m delighted to bring to you guys my very first article for SixPrizes! I started playing around 2012 and since then I was fortunate enough to accomplish a lot of things in the game. Between 2012 and 2016 I won nine Regionals in Brazil, I […]