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Bio: Top 16 North American Player, I started playing in 2011 casually and chased my first World’s Invite in 2015 (I didn’t get it). Since then I’ve been working hard to become better at the game every day and be as candid as I can be with my opinions. I also enjoy watching Anime, the NFL and just relaxing a bunch.

4Γ— Worlds Invites
14Γ— Regional Top 8s
1Γ— IC Top 8

King of the Jungle

Another Take on Mew Box/Jirachi and a Bold Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel for Knoxville
Hello again SixPrizes readers, today is the last article I bring to you regarding this extremely long format that we have been stuck in. Heading into the Knoxville Regional Championships, I’m going to give you a few key rules that I believe should be followed for this event, my top pick heading into the event, […]

It’s Good to Know Karate

Green’s Dojo ReshiZard and Reset Stamp PikaRom for Atlantic City/Cologne/SΓ£o Paulo
Good morning SixPrizes readers and welcome back to another article! It’s great to be back, as always, after a necessary break after the World Championships. For those who don’t know, I managed to finish 30th, snagging another Top 32 result to add to my list of accolades, with a rather unique deck, Green’s ReshiZard with […]

Inside and Out

Five Final Tips, GG Malamar’s Matchups, and An Attempt at Stabilizing Dark Box
Hello again SixPrizes readers, and welcome to the final countdown! We’re five days away from the biggest tournament of the yearβ€”Worldsβ€”and I’m going to make sure you have all the tools in your belt (and bag) to safely embark on this journey that lies ahead of you. The biggest thing to remember is to have […]

Fire and Extraterrestrial Spice

Testing Lessons, Green’s ReshiZard, and Beheeyem for the World Championships/DC Open
I’m back SixPrizes readers and I’ve played enough games to have a strong opinion about the format heading into the World Championships and DC Open. With a little under three weeks left until the big event, players are diligently testing and figuring out what decks are working for them and what aren’t in their own […]

The Chef’s Electric Stove

Unified Minds: Top 10 Impact Cards and UPR-on PikaRom v1.10
It is great to be back, this time with a post-rotation, pre-Worlds article. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and days are flying by before this year’s World Championships. I took a glorious two-week break after NAIC after my year-long grind and realized I missed playing PokΓ©mon for fun more than I thought I […]

Checkmate, Check-PokΓ©mon

An NAIC Recap, What Made 1st–3rd Unique, My Own Tournament Report, and Reflections on Losing Your Head
Welcome back SixPrizes readers! It’s great to be home again and writing this article. The North American International Championships have come and gone and we’ve seen some of the best players in the world bring innovative new ideas to tackle the tournament head-on (or head-off, if playing Blacephalon), with StΓ©phane Ivanoff taking home the gold […]

Trial by Fire

A Santa Clara Tournament Report with the 1st Place ReshiZard, What I Learned From My Losses, the PikaRom I Didn’t Play, and Oh Yeah Madison
Hello again 6P readers, it’s great to be back. This time I am writing for you all as a college graduate, free from my usual shackles of classes and exams. Today’s article won’t be on my favorite format, Expanded, but rather Standard with the new set Unbroken Bonds. I’ll be going over: the deck that […]

Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Bee

Inspecting the Big Two (to Counter) for Daytona and Bringing Back Bees
Hello again everyone! It’s a pleasure to be back again with another article and another Expanded article at that. My last piece, “Pinch Me, I’m Playing Green,” was also a feature on Expanded where I detailed the then recent bans of Lusamine and Delinquent and how the format has gotten considerably healthier, and today we’ll […]

Pinch Me, I’m Playing Green

Recapping Toronto’s & Greensboro’s Top 8s, Exploring Expanded with Celebi & Venusaur-GX, and Rating Rayquaza for Daytona Regionals
Hello everyone, Rahul Reddy here with my first article in a long time for this site. For those of you who may remember my articles from back in the day, I apologize for those tragedies but I’m beyond excited to be here and writing again. Two weekends of Expanded events have come and go with […]

The Swami of Swiss

Rahul’s Top 128 US Nationals 2013 Report
Hey there SixPrizes! I know I haven’t written an article in a long while, but I finally have something to write about. After the 2nd weekend of States when I had a great run with Blastoise and made T8, I was pretty much done for a while. Before the 3rd weekend of States, I came […]

Rahul’s Sick States Run

Tournament Report
Hey there SixPrizes community, I know it’s been a while since I wrote an article. Unfortunately I got pretty sick before Week 3 of States and couldn’t go and was kinda bedridden for the first part of my spring break. So this year I only went to two States: Week 1 I went to Virginia […]

Quick Tips: New Options for Blastoise/Keldeo

Deck Analysis
Hey 6P, Rahul here with a brief analysis about how I predict Blastoise/Keldeo lists are going to change with the addition of Plasma Storm. I successfully piloted a Blastoise/Keldeo list to Top 8 at Florida Regionals and we have a lot of new options of how to change the deck, so let’s get right into […]

Rahul’s Three Cities Reports

Tournament Report
Hello there 6P, I haven’t written in a while but that’s because a little something called school came up and decided that it would get in my way. I went to a grand total of 3 Cities. City #1 – Fairfax, VA w/ RayEels Round 1 vs. Dillon Cutwright w/ Blastoise BCR/Keldeo EX It wasn’t […]

Jimmy P. and Henry P. Worlds Reports (Top 32 and Top 16)

Tournament Report
Hey 6P it’s Rahul back again with a report for you guys. Now, I know what you guys might be thinking, “This guy doesn’t have an invite and didn’t make it through the grinder, so how does he have a Worlds report?” Well, I pulled a few strings and I asked a couple of my […]

Top 128 Masters U.S. Nationals Report

Tournament Report
Hey 6P, it’s Rahul here with another report. Pre-Tournament Before the tournament I had narrowed down my deck choices to either Speed Darkrai or Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion. I had a horrible trip because my plane had difficulties and it got cancelled. Luckily a nice man offered up his spot on the 1:30 PM plane so I could […]