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Rahul’s Top 32 Report at PA Regionals

Tournament Report
Hey there 6P community. It’s me Rahul. I’m back here again today to talk about my run at PA Regionals and how it was really fun. A few friends and I drive up and test all night, and I found Donphan Prime/Mewtwo EX to be my favorite deck choice, even though it was slightly inconsistent. […]

Rahul’s Not That Exciting Delaware States Report

Tournament Report
Hello again 6P community, I am back again today with another States report. I went to the fair state of Delaware this time and met some awesome people. I guess I should start out with the events that transpired leading up to the tournament, but if you really donโ€™t care; feel free to skip ahead […]

Rahizzle’s Virginia States Report

Tournament Report
Hey 6P community, I am here today to tell you guys how my Virginia State Championship run went, and what decks I saw there. The morning of the tournament, I built ZekEels for the first time and I had never played it before, but I was so confident that Durant would be the best deck […]

Rahul’s Top 4 Deck for States

Hey there SixPrizes community, it’s me Rahul again. I was unable to go to any Cities this season because of family issues and scheduling conflicts, but that’s another story for another day. I came to my Next Destinies prerelease with no absolute idea what was going to be in the set, but I had heard […]

Reddy’s Report: Rocking The House At Regionals

Tournament Report
Hello there 6P community. Itโ€™s me, Rahul Reddy, here with my Regionals report, and before I am heavily criticized for misplays and things, I want you all to know this is my first year as a Master and only my second year of playing Pokรฉmon. If you want to skip straight to the Tournament Report […]

Reddy’s Report: Noble Victories Prerelease

Hey 6P, it’s me Rahul and today I wanted to talk about the new set Noble Victories. I went to a Prerelease yesterday and got my half-dozen packs, along with the usual deck box instead of the sleeves. I opened up my packs and didn’t really pull anything good, except for a Kyurem and a […]

Reddy’s Review: Outlook on Regionals + Deck Lists Part 1

Deck Analysis
Hello again 6P community, itโ€™s me Rahul with my second article. First things first, as you might know, this year Regionals are happening over a span of two days, with the first day being allotted for the TCG and the second day reserved for VGC (and some Regionals will hold TCG Masters top cut on […]

The 30-Card BW-On Format

Tournament Report
Hey 6P people. My name is Rahul Reddy, and you probably don’t know me because I don’t really post here that often. But, I do enjoy reading the great articles on this website in particular. This article is my first (obviously), and I wanted to discuss something out of the ordinary. The thing that I […]