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Bio: My name is Will Compere , I am a senior and have been playing the Pokémon TCG for 3 years. My accomplishments are as followed:

(All of these are from the senior division)
Top32 Worlds 2012
Top32 US Nats 2013
Top 16 Regionals 2013
1st States 2014
2 2nd place States 2012
3rd States 2012
3rd States 2014
Many Cities and Battle Road Wins

(A side note about my dedication to the game)

I have been on and off a little bit with the game as of recent. I grind the game extremely hard when I am playing. I play 5 games a day at least. I can attribute this mostly to the fact that I am homeschooled. Therefore, I have a good amount of time to test. I will generally lose interest if the format becomes stale and not fun for me. Also, since I have a good amount of time I can write an article once every week or so.

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