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Bio: My name is Will Compere , I am a senior and have been playing the Pokémon TCG for 3 years. My accomplishments are as followed:

(All of these are from the senior division)
Top32 Worlds 2012
Top32 US Nats 2013
Top 16 Regionals 2013
1st States 2014
2 2nd place States 2012
3rd States 2012
3rd States 2014
Many Cities and Battle Road Wins

(A side note about my dedication to the game)

I have been on and off a little bit with the game as of recent. I grind the game extremely hard when I am playing. I play 5 games a day at least. I can attribute this mostly to the fact that I am homeschooled. Therefore, I have a good amount of time to test. I will generally lose interest if the format becomes stale and not fun for me. Also, since I have a good amount of time I can write an article once every week or so.

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1st Place Seniors 2014 Alabama States Report
When it contracts its body, over 220 pounds of sand sprays from its nose. If it ever runs out of sand, it becomes disheartened. (Sandaconda)