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  • Playing since 2009

Bio: I started playing in December of 2009 after hearing about PokΓ©mon tournaments from a friend. Before then, I casually collected cards and showed them off during recess. My initial 2.5 years in the Junior Division has led to me to Masters now, where I’m in the middle of my second year. I started writing for 6P Free in November, 2016, before fatefully winning Dallas and joining the UG team in February. Outside of PokΓ©mon, I’m a high school Junior with hopes of California or the Midwest for College in either a field of Engineering or Data Science.

Major Accomplishments:
T4 Worlds ’17 (M)
T32 Worlds ’15 (S)
T8 Worlds ’14 (S)

T32 NAIC & OIC (M)
T8 Nats ’15, ’13 (S)
1st Nats ’11 (J)

T4 Madison Regionals ’19
T4 Philly Regionals ’19
T8 Madison Regionals ’18
1st Roanoke Regionals ’18
1st Portland Regionals ’18
T4 Vancouver Regionals ’17
T4 Mexico Regionals ’17
1st Dallas Regionals ’17
J/S Regionals Stuff

Advanced Strategies for Taking 6 Prizes

A Complete Guide to Naganadel-GX Checkmate w/ the DC Open Winning List
Hey everyone! I hope your Worlds experience was great. Whether playing in the Main Event or the Open, the tournament is always enjoyable. We saw some well-known decks perform well and some new creations as well! Ability ReshiZard and non-Rainbow Mewtwo & Mew-GX are two decks that did exceptionally well, winning the Seniors and Masters […]

Ear Kitty Kitty

Psychic Malamar, On Using Spell Tag, and the Pitfalls of Naganadel-GX Control
Hey everyone! Worlds is only two weeks away, which is honestly pretty terrifying. When I looked at my calendar, I quickly realized that there’s very little time left to prepare for the largest tournament of the year. Rivaled by that emotion was my excitement! Though stressful, Worlds is my favorite tournament of the year. It […]

The Endgame Manual

Checkmating in UPR-on with Naganadel-GX Control, Worlds/DC Open Meta Overview, and a Peek at Meganium/Nidoqueen
Hey everyone! It’s a pleasure to be writing another article. Since I’m writing less often, it’s quite refreshing to write after a while. My summer has been filled with lots of traveling (both Pokémon and family related). Now, I’m ready to begin testing the Worlds format. Personally, I’m a fan of the pre-Worlds rotation after […]

Culminating w/ Coulombs 4 Columbus

A Complete Guide to PikaRom for NAIC, Including Matchups + Lists, and a Different Take on ZapBeasts
Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since my last article where I covered PikaRom and Vespiquen for the SUM–TEU format. Now, with Unbroken Bonds released, there are plenty of new tools for decks to play with. Dedenne-GX gave decks a major surge in draw power, and Lt. Surge’s Strategy gave slow/Stall decks even more […]

Tag Bolt, You’re It

EUIC Tournament Recap, Innovations, Our PikaRom List, and Vespiquen Honed for Hartford
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another article. It’s been a hot minute since my last one about a month ago. Since then, we’ve had Denver, Daytona Beach, and, most recently, Europe Internationals. I was in Daytona and Berlin, performing mediocrely in Daytona and alright in Berlin with a T64 finish. In today’s article, I’m going […]

Hungry Like the Wolf

Profiling Zapdos/Lycanroc-GX in Standard and Recapping Archie’s Blastoise in Expanded
Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well, and I’d like to welcome you to another article. Today, I’ll briefly recap my T16 Greensboro Regionals finish and discuss Zapdos/Lycanroc-GX, the deck I’ve recently begun messing around with in the Standard format. Greensboro Recap Coming into the tournament, I knew that Zoroark-GX/Garbodor would be a relatively safe […]

I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay

On Trevenant’s Torontonian Reign, the Future for Trees, the Case for Counterbox, and My Play (ZoroGarb) for Greensboro
Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been well. Toronto has just concluded, and with that comes the passing of another Regionals this year. This brings the total of remaining U.S. Regionals down to six! It’s crazy how quickly this season has gone by. Sooner than we’ll know it, it’ll be NAIC that we’re preparing for with […]

More Than Hot Air

Synthesizing Collinsville’s Results at the Dusk of SUM–TEU Standard (and an Electrical Stab at Expanded)
Hey everyone, and welcome back to another article! This time around, it’s my 50th one! I want to thank all of you for supporting me, talking to me at tournaments, and simply reading articles when they come out. It’s been a long journey since my debut a few years back, and I’m glad to still […]

Hype and Counter-Hype

A More Focused Look at Top Contenders Post-Team Up (Electric.dec, Psychic/”GasKan” Malamar, and Decidueye-GX)
Hey all! It’s been a hot minute since my last article dropped, just as Team Up hype was emerging. Now, we’re in the short period where all ideas are possible. Frankly, it’s the honeymoon stage of the new set. “Look at all these new, cool cards to mess with!” we all say. And that’s a […]

The Insouciance of Spice

My Dallas Experience w/ Zoro/Garb, Final Notes on Expanded, and Team Up and Standard
Hey everyone! I hope you had a good weekend, whether it be at Dallas Regionals, League Cups, or normal life events. Personally, I had a great time in Dallas despite my subpar performance. The tournament ran smoothly, the venue was as convenient as always, and the general experience was amazing. It’s a sentimental Regionals for […]

The Definite Duo

Recapping a Collection of Tournaments with Zoroark-GX/Garbodor in Expanded
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another article. Today, I’m going to look at Zoroark-GX/Garbodor. I’ve been mostly departed from Expanded since Portland, but this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Florida marathon and one final Cup in Berwyn, IL once I came home. I also went to an ARG tournament in Florida […]

Zoroark’s Zenith

Discussing the Dominance of Zoroark-GX in the Entirety of the TCG
Hey everyone, and welcome to another article brought to you by our overlord, Zoroark. It may be the Illusion Fox Pokémon, but its success certainly isn’t an illusion! It has come to my attention that there has recently been plenty of discussion regarding the amount of success Zoroark-GX decks have had in Standard and Expanded. […]

Shifting Sands

Profiling the Shift to Expanded with Lost Thunder in Gardevoir-GX and Archie’s Blastoise
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another article. The meta has been absolutely crazy in both realms: Standard and Expanded, as Lost Thunder has greatly impacted what’s considered top tier decks. Standard has been completely flipped on its head by the resurgence of broken Stage 2 decks, and I expect Expanded to be completely overrun by […]

The Roanoke Roundtable

A Synopsis of Xander’s Roanoke Contending Challengers Post-Latin America’s International Championship
Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good week, especially after the amazing tournament from last weekend. The new set came, new decks came, and now we players are left with a new meta to articulate. Some decks underperformed, and some decks surprised people with their performance. One thing that didn’t surprise me at all […]

Seeking the Top Tier

An Exploration of Lost Thunder’s Impact on the Best Decks of 2018 Standard
Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a nice week so far, likely in preparation for an upcoming Regional (or Brazil). I’ve enjoyed the time away from Pokémon that has since been occupied by homework, college apps, and relaxation. Though with the new format, I largely look forward to preparing for the near Standard Regionals. I […]