Xander Pero

Author Archive

(Polar) Spearing the Competition

A Look Back at Glaceon-GX/Barbaracle from Costa Mesa and Towards Zoroark-GX for Standard

The Garbodor Gathering

A Recap of Collinsville and First Look into UPR Expanded

An Ultrasonic Situation

A Look at Espeon-GX/Garbodor and a Missing Clover Zoroark-GX List for Collinsville

The Nexus of Night March

A Review of Night March for Dallas and Ultra Prism Discussion

The Reign of Zoroark

Xander’s Zoroark/Lycanroc Memphis Recap and Review
If its fleece grows too long, ______ won’t be able to move. Cloth made with the wool of this Pokémon is surprisingly strong. (Wooloo)

Bug Catching

Xander’s Comprehensive Guide on Golisopod/Zoroark and its Matchups for Memphis

The Other Side of London

Xander’s Thoughts on his London Experiences and the State of Penalties

The Purple Crown

Jumping into an Analysis of Espeon-GX/Garbodor and Gourgeist CIN for European Internationals

A Spooky Survey

Xander’s Favorite Cards from the New Sets and a Comparison of Drampa-GX and Buzzwole-GX with Garbodor

Rising to the Above

Xander’s T4 Run in Vancouver, Garbodor/Drampa vs Gardevoir, and Shining Legends Thoughts
When it trusts a Trainer, it will treat them to berries it’s decorated with cream. (Alcremie)

Trashing the Format

A Reflection on Hartford non-Performance & the Garbodor Quartet in Expanded

From End to End

Examining the Tech Options in Hartford Standard, Spanning the Spectrum of Fire, and Sylveon Surprises

A Circle of Fun

Examining the RPS Standard Format, Reinventing the Circle, and Exploring Gobs of Golisopod-GX

The Psychic Princess

Xander Pero’s 3rd Place Worlds 2017 Report with Espeon/Garbodor

Psychic Revelations

Espeon/Garbodor from NAIC to Now and Decidueye/Vileplume for Worlds
A clay slab with cursed engravings took possession of a ______. The slab is said to be absorbing the ______’s dark power. (Galarian Yamask)