On Countering Ability ReshiZard, Another Reset Stamp PikaRom, and GardEon v. ReshiZard
Hello 6P! I’m back for another article with our brand new site layout just deployed! I know Adam worked really hard on it and it’s fitting to start a brand new season with a brand new layout! We have three major events right around the corner, all on the same weekend: Atlantic City, Cologne, and […]

It’s Good to Know Karate

Green’s Dojo ReshiZard and Reset Stamp PikaRom for Atlantic City/Cologne/São Paulo
Good morning SixPrizes readers and welcome back to another article! It’s great to be back, as always, after a necessary break after the World Championships. For those who don’t know, I managed to finish 30th, snagging another Top 32 result to add to my list of accolades, with a rather unique deck, Green’s ReshiZard with […]

Mew Boxing

What Sheffield’s Results Mean for AC/Köln/SP and My Current Top Play (Mew Box) + Matchups
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for the second time this month. First, I am going to go over Sheffield’s results and what I think will change in the meta because of those results. Then, I’ll go over my current favorite play for Atlantic City.

Getting Warmer

JoseZard (1-Prizer Edition) and Mew Box (Post-Hidden Fates) for Atlantic City + Köln
Hola 6P readers! I’m back again with another article and today I’ll be discussing updated lists for JoseZard and Mew Box. We saw the results from the Melbourne SPE and Sheffield Regionals recently which gave us more info on how decks should look moving forward. Usually, after a major event, decks tend to get tweaked. […]

Fairy Fairly Good

Sheffield’s Results, On Robin’s T8 Ability ReshiZard, GardEon Guesses, and My Mew Box List for Atlantic City/Köln
Hello 6P! Welcome back to another article! Sheffield Regionals just took place this past weekend and we had some very cool, albeit not surprising, results. If you recall from my last article, I put out a tier list which I firmly believe is correct. Now, let’s take a look at the Top 8 players and […]

Hi-Yo, Keldeo

Zigging Through the GX-Dominated Metagame with QuagNag/Keldeo-GX and Malamar/Spell Tags
Hello everyone! I’m back with news on the world of competitive Pokémon TCG. Here in São Paulo, Brazil, many League Cups and Challenges are happening, and they have been attended by many players, with an average of 40 players in League Cups and 25 players in League Challenges. The metagame around here hasn’t changed much […]

Red Hot/Chill Snowflakes

My Top Pick (ReshiZard Minus Scoop Ups) and Crazy Rogue (Cryogonal Control) for Sheffield
Hello again readers, today I am bringing you my top pick for Sheffield (if I was going), as well as a crazy rogue deck that has the potential to completely flip the format on its head. Hidden Fates brought only a few new cards into the game that will ever be relevant. Right now, the […]

Raiding Area 51

Poipole Lock and Keldeo-GX/Vaporeon-GX Stall from Worlds, Updated
Hello everyone, today I’m back with an article on my 2019 World Championships deck, Keldeo-GX/Vaporeon-GX, and some more Stall shenanigans. The week leading up to the World Championships was wild. A couple of new ideas came to the forefront and totally flipped my deck choices for Worlds.

Double Double Blaze

JoseZard (Card Choices, Matchups, Worlds Recap) and a Comparison to Tord’s Worlds Top 4 Ability ReshiZard List
Hey there 6P readers! I’m back again with a new article. The World Championships have concluded and with that, I am excited to start the new season. I’m coming off a Top 32 finish at Worlds with Ability ReshiZard. I was finally able to get past the Top 64 mark, a feat which had been […]

And We’re Off

Mew Box and the New ‘Zard, Malamar for Cups, Tiers, and Worlds Recap w/ PikaRom
Hello 6P! Welcome back to another article by yours truly! Worlds has come and gone in what seemed like a flash to me, and as usual, it was a great time! I decided to play PikaRom in the end, as Malamar felt unreliable and Fire M&M’s didn’t seem quite stable enough, even though when it […]

Ghost Tour

An In-Depth Look at MimiGar (Gengar & Mimikyu-GX/Omastar TEU)—Worlds List, Card Choices, Potential Inclusions, and Matchups
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for my third and final article in August. I’m coming off of a rather mediocre and disappointing finish at Worlds where I played a deck that only one other person played in Day 2. I played Gengar & Mimikyu-GX/Omastar TEU because I knew that no matter what deck […]

Mewtwo Strikes Flint

How I Found the “True Form” of Mew Box, the Catcher-Less Junior Top 4 List, and a Comparison to Henry Brand’s Masters Winning List
Hello everyone! August has been an important month for the Pokémon TCG. We had three major happenings, which were (1) the rotation of Standard to UPR-on, (2) the arrival of the new Unified Minds, and of course (3) the Pokémon World Championships 2019. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Worlds this year, but during July and […]

Sounds to Silence

Dissecting the Unknown Meta (Decks One-by-One), On Picking a Deck, and 6P’s Final Words Before Worlds 2019
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for 6P’s final words on the play for Worlds and the DC Open. I’m going to be talking about my top choices as well as what goes into making a choice for this particular event. I have done a lot of testing for this format and I can’t […]

To Go Full Berserk

ReshiBlowns 2.0 and PikaRom in My Pocket (for That Tournament This Weekend)
Hello everyone, I’m finally back after a month off from writing. Although I haven’t put out an article since before NAIC, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ll have seen lists I’ve shared for some of my top choices heading into Worlds this week. This format has me super excited because it’s the first […]

August Heat

Idea Dump Updates, the Not BDIFs, and ReshiZard’s Matchups In-Depth for Worlds
How’s it going guys, Jon here with another piece for you all. Since my last article, I have been buckling down on testing and familiarizing myself with the new format, and today I am here to give you an image of what is going on in my head in regard to what to play for […]