1st Day at League

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    I got convinced to go to league this week and I got my friends and teammates (Wyatt and Justin) to go to it.There I went 5-2 in the matches, going 4-2 with Kingdra and 1-0 with Dialgachomp.I played KingGar twice againsts Wyatt's Sablelock and I just destroyed through it.Then i played a kid with a Dusknoir/Kabutops deck from unlimited with Dialgachomp and made it last longer than it should for the heck of it.I then played some random guy from Masters who had a Weavile SW/Mamoswine deck twice in which the first time he couldn't get anything started so he Scooped.The second time he got a Mamoswine and a Piloswine set up but I was taking prizes off his Claydols and Uxies so he scooped again as he knew it was about game.After this I helped Wyatt a little with his Luxchomp list and we battled in which by Turn 4 i lost due to him KOing my Horsea with Kingdra Prime,Seadra,BTS,Expert Belt, and Water on hand.Then I sent up Azelf ended my turn and I couldn't do anything the next turn and he KOed me.The second game it was really in the middle but I had to levae so I scooped while it was 4-4.I went 5-2 before I left, before I left Wyatt went 4-2 and I don't know what Justin went but I know he at least won one game with a Leafeon/Status deck.So KingGar went 4-2 being a 66.6% and Dialgachomp went 1-0 being a 100%.Wyatt's Sablelock went 1-2 which is a 33.3% and his Luxhcomp went 3-0 which is 100%.Overall we did some great testing and I can't wait for maybe going next week.
  2. KingGar continues to wreck faces. I'll have to show you how to handle the LuxChomp match-ups.
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    Agreed. Although I went 2-3 at 2 Br's I could have went 4-1 If I used Compound Pain more and not have made a couple of misplays, I think I could have went 4-1 twice. KingGar is very underated
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    My league's full of little kids, and people who decks with a lot of cards just randomly threw in it. No competitive atmosphere whatsoever :/
    I remember some guy say "You should put a Mom's Kindness in your deck..."
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    Well basically my league was the TO and Judges at the regular event, 2 of my friends who are part of the team i am in, 2 little kids and 2 random guys.