2014 Canadian Nationals June 28/29

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  1. Jirachion

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    While being a significantly smaller tournament than the US Nationals (last year's attendance was approximate to a Regionals in the US), this will still be one of Canada's biggest events of the year!

    Saturday's info: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/14-06-000002/
    Sunday's info: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/14-06-000079/
    Side event info: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/14-06-000287/

    The address of this event is:

    425 Bingemans Centre Drive
    Kitchener, ON, Canada
    N2B 3X7

    Just a brief description, Nationals will be a two day event, unless their info will be changed. Saturday will be for Swiss rounds, while Sunday is the Top Cut for all divisions. On Sunday, there will be a side event as well. For more info, look in the links!

    EDIT: Definitely attending!

    6P Members Attending
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  2. TTSky

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    I'm planning on going, so I guess I'll add myself to the list in spot #2.

    I've skimmed through the side events, they look pretty neat too! A much better Nats than the last time I went.
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  3. Jirachion

    Jirachion is now addicted with Pokemon gijinkas.

    Are you going to participate in the big event itself, or just be there, hang around, and enter the side events?
  4. TTSky

    TTSky Jingle, Jingle

    Main event if I can, but if not the side events look tempting enough to do a few of.
  5. Jirachion

    Jirachion is now addicted with Pokemon gijinkas.

    Oh cool! I will definitely be in the main event, and if I make it to Top Cut (not the highest of chances...), I could do the side event too. If ya wanna look for me, look for an Asian boy with glasses who is around 5 foot 6 inches. I'll be wearing a green "I came in like a Pokeball" shirt, and probably be carrying a Glaceon plush around. Maybe we could play a game or two!
  6. OshaWaterBottle

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    I hope you are not playing Gardie/Gallade haha.
  7. Professor_N

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    Gardivoir/Mewtwo EX is actually somewhat of a competitive deck. Unless you play against Yveltal.
  8. Jirachion

    Jirachion is now addicted with Pokemon gijinkas.

    Shhhhh.... Don't spoil it!

    Jokes aside, I don't really see another option for me, as Nationals are in what, 3 days? And also, my parents refuse to buy Pokemon cards more than once a year, and I don't really have any of my own money to secretly buy some at League or something. And besides, I got this. ;)

    EDIT: Placed an ok 33rd out of 48th, which is honestly better than I expected. I had tons of fun nonetheless, and I hope I am able to do better next time! :D
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