2014 U.S Nationals 33rd place report (being bubbled sucks)

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    I attended the 2014 U.S Nationals last week, went 6/3 and bubbled at 33rd place. My opponent win percentage was exactly the same as 32nd but the opponent's opponent's win percentage was off by .41 percent. however the tournament was really fun and I had great matches, I also had a first and second round bye, which meant I automatically won my first and second round since I won Long Beach regionals. I played Virizion Mewtwo Raichu, it doesn't play Genesect but it's super consistent and we call it "The Utah Deck" since my friends made top 8 with the deck in a few other tournaments. I chose the deck because it ran smoothly and because it was super consistent. My losses were mainly due to dead draw, but i'll go into more detail in a bit. Ill show the decklist then talk about my matches.

    Here's my list that is slightly different from the other players.
    (I took out an Energy switch for a Boufalant for the side events and it did pretty well)

    3 Virizion
    3 Mewtwo EX
    2 Raichu (XY)
    2 Pikachu (XY)
    1 Druddigon
    1 Jirachi EX

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Lysandre
    3 Skyla
    2 Colress
    4 Muscle Band
    3 Ultra ball
    2 switch
    2 Energy switch
    2 level ball
    1 Town map
    1 escape rope
    1 startling megaphone
    1 professors letter
    1 super rod
    1 computer search

    8 grass
    4 Double colorless

    1st round Bye

    2nd round Bye

    3rd round VS. Koichi Nishida (Plasma)

    This match was scary, he won the first game because I couldn't get anything and he got a heatran set up and destroyed my field. Second game I came back, he got the Heatran set up, but luckily I took it out as soon as I could, and after that I just kept using Lysandre on his Deoxys and knocking them out with Mewtwo. 3rd game he didn't get much and it game down to him deciding on whether he should take 3 prizes with lugia or play it safe and attach to Deoxys, but lucky for me he chose Deoxys and I was able to Lysandre it and kill it for the game.

    4th Round VS. 2013 World's top 4 Ian Whiton (Darkai/ Garbodor)

    He was a very good opponent, and it was the same as the last game, I lost the first game due to dead draw and came back hard on the 2nd and 3rd game. I don't remember much about this match except that I got Lysandre a lot to kill his Yveltals (4 Lysandre helps!) Long story short I take the 3rd game barely before time.

    5th Round VS. Colter Decker (Genesect Virizion)

    Colter is one of my good friends and this match was a lot of fun. We joked a little bit and had some laughs, but there were some serious parts. I didn't dead draw for these games and managed to get turn 2 emeralrd slash, but I just couldn't keep up with the Genesects, which is why Boufalant helps, but sadly I didn't run it. On game two, time was called, and Colter had a plan, too bad for me that it worked. I was okay with a tie, so I tried to stall out. Colter managed to get everything set up so that he could get everything he needed to win and he did.

    6th Round VS. Sydney Morisoli (Darkrai/Garbodor)

    Same as my game with Ian, but I can't remember a lot of it. I think it went to a third game though, and I remember it being a close game, and I remember Lysandre for the win twice.

    7th Round VS. Chris Gunn (Plasma)

    I felt bad about this match. When he sat down a judge came over and informed us that Chris had deck issues and had a game loss, but he still had the option to go 1st or 2nd. He goes first and I start with the worst thing possible with no supporters, I start with Jirachi. He Raiden knuckles his next turn, and I still get nothing, so good game. My deck wanted revenge for that last game and it got it, we start the game and I start Mewtwo and he starts Deoxys. Already it's intense because in this matchup Deoxys and Mewtwo are rivals, always killing each other. Anyway, I go first and attach a grass energy, I have a supporter but decide not to play it because I had a Muscle band and a DCE. So I attach and pass, he draws and does the same. A jolt of excitment runs through me as I draw and attach the DCE and Muscle band for the win. However after I felt bad because he basically got donked when he thought he had a chance after winning the 2nd game. But he ended up going 6/3 do he didn't do too bad after that game.

    8th Round VS. Calvin Mattson (Virizion/Mewtwo)

    Finally someone not from Utah with good tastes for a deck! Sadly my losing streak starts here but i'm glad he made top 32 with this deck. The difference however is that he plays Lasers and I don't, and obviously they didn't do much in this match. It was just a big Mewtwo war and he ended up winning them because I got dead draw near the end of both games.

    9th Round VS. Jessy Weidemann (Virzion/Genesect)

    More Genesect, but I won the first game because I managed to kill every Genesect that hit the field. Second game I couldn't say the same. She used energy switch a lot to use G booster for the game, she also did that in the 3rd game. I should have asked for a tie, we both would have gotten in to top 32, but I wasn't completely sure if ties made it. Yes they did make it, and even a 6/3 made it, so a tie would have placed me somewhere in top 32.


    So thats my Nationals report, and even though I didn't make top 32 I still had a lot of fun and made plenty of my opponents laugh, which was really my only goal; to have fun matches. Moral of this, don't dead draw and have fun! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my World's report!
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    Funny how I know 6 of your opponents haha. Nice job, 6-3 is still good. I faced Calvin in swiss too, and he inspired me to run the deck for the regional thing. Deck is really good. I would've been 34th if I had won my last round, but I got lucksacked haha. See you at worlds.
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    How did 4 Lysandre work out for you?
  4. SGTflutters

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    It always showed up when I needed it. A few of the Darkrai match ups I used every single one and the last one for game.
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    How would you feel about Laser Bank in this deck?
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    For the seventh round you went first and attached a Grass energy, then you went DCE and Muscle Band good game? It would only do 160. Or did he put a Prism or Plasma on Deoxys?
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    He said that he drew and did the same, meaning he attached an energy.
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