2014 US National Championships July 4th-6th

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  1. Salamencetrainer34

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    Pooka will be commentating the livestream for nationals! (And worlds)
  2. OshaWaterBottle

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    He is the best Pokemon commentator ever!
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  3. Fixed that for you.
  4. OshaWaterBottle

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    Fixed what?
  5. Look at the quote compared to what you posted.
  6. Professor_N

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    You didn't change anything.
  7. Floral

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    But the original does say edited. We have a mystery on our hands.
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  8. Don't try to make me look stupid, water bottle.
  9. KPiplup

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    You did it to yourself when you made your post, his editing aside.
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  10. Not really. He said Pooka was the best commentator ever, and there are plenty of commentators from other games that are a lot better than Pooka. Is Pooka the best Pokemon commentator? Maybe? Best commentator ever? No.
  11. KPiplup

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    His comment was factually incorrect, yeah, but the whole "fixed" thing has always been fairly dumb.

    Truly, the last however-many posts since you posted are completely unnecessary, yeah. But you did incite them.
  12. Then what would be better? "I have edited the words you have typed to be more factually correct"?
  13. KPiplup

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    "There are other commentators in other games that're better." or something.
  14. Floral

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    We can all agree Lou Holtz is the best commentator of all time. Oh just me. Okay.
    Edit: Forgot about Barry Melrose. It's a close one
  15. FlareStarfire

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    Regarding check in for this event, it looks like I'm going to be landing after the short 2 hour window for thursday check in is already over. It'll be easy to be there friday morning at least but this means getting ahold of a nationals t-shirt is going to be difficult. Anybody interested in helping me out on this one?
  16. Concrete details on my Worlds 2006 tournament!

    Date: Thursday, July 3rd
    Registration: 6:30-7:15 PM
    Registration cost: Free!
    Place: open play area in the Convention Center
    Format: Worlds 2006 (duh)
    Prizes: TBA, if any.

    -Decklists will not be required. However, I will be taking a look at your deck upon registration to verify that you have no illegal cards. Essentially making sure you are thinking if the correct format.

    -Proxies will not be allowed, but cards from the World Championship decks as well as Japanese cards will be legal. You can have all real cards, all World Championship cards, all Japanese cards or any combination of the three. If you have a mix, you must be completely unable to see through your sleeves (I suggest black Ultra Pros or any color Dragon Shields). I will check sleeves at deckcheck to verify that you can't see through your sleeves if you are playing a mix.

    -Since this is not an official Pokemon tournament, you may use sleeves that have non Pokemon characters on them. Just keep it PG-13. Want to play those amazing sleeves with bacon on them? Now is your chance.

    -Rounds will be 30 minutes plus three turns, Best of 1. There will be NO ties. If no one is ahead in prizes by the end of +3, Sudden Death will occur.

    -Depending on time and your opinions, there may be a top cut.

    Please leave any suggestions you may have, but also keep in mind that I can't make everyone happy. I can't wait to see all of you doods at Nationals!
  17. Adam

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    You should clarify what the Worlds 2006 format is.
  18. I have arrived in Indy. I'll be at the convention center around noon, I'll be wearing a bright green hat.
  19. Professor_N

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    Can't wait to watch this this weekend. Hope to see some of you on the big stage.
  20. FlareStarfire

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    Flight was delayed, like always. Missing out on testing again this year. -x- I'll spend most of my time looking for a safe place to sleep.[DOUBLEPOST=1404441303][/DOUBLEPOST]Made it on site in a semi reasonable amount of time; really stoked to see so many people here. Safe for tonight's sleep, but will resume search tomorrow. Many thanks to Darkwings for snagging me a shirt. If any of y'all see me, say hello :) Super tall guy in a grey shirt with a wrench logo.
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