2014 US National Championships July 4th-6th

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  1. blargh257

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  2. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.


  3. 129th.

    Raging so hard.
  4. KPiplup

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    Like, overall or in your flight?
  5. Overall.
  6. KPiplup

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    Where did they post overall standings?
  7. Dunno. Someone sent me a screenshot of it.
  8. PP101

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    That was a mistake on my part. A friend of mine had sent me final standings from after Round 8, which I mistook as after Round 9. @Vablakes , you didn't get 129th (I'm not sure what your actual overall standing was).
  9. Salamencetrainer34

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    Sorry about that lol. Vablakes overall standing was 96th
  10. Professor_N

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    So does this mean that he could maybe have actually made cut? Or did you check again @Vablakes?

    EDIT: Ninjad
  11. blargh257

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    No, he's 96 in flight orange. Overall he was probably about 170th.
  12. FlareStarfire

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    I was 54th in orange flight, overall 106th or so. 18 points...