2nd Place Battle Roads Report OH

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    To begin I wake up really early today and drink some coffee,shower and prepare to go to the location of the Dayton, Ohio Battle Roads.Me and my farther leave early and decide to stop at Taco Bell before going to register.After eating I go register in my division, the Senior division and I wait forever for people to finish their decklists.Finally after playtesting against a random deck, matches are posted.

    Round 1: Bye
    You gotta be kidding me.I guess computers just hate me :/

    Round 2: Some New Chick running the Nightfall deck
    I start off with a Dialga G and go first against a Stunky with a bunch of Sableye and Mawile.I attach a Special metal and end my turn.She draws her card and ends her turn.From then she kept forgetting to attack but I let her get attacks in and I one shot whatever she send up with Dialga G Lv.X I take my six prizes to her zero.

    Round 3: Ty W. Luxchomp
    Finally a opponent worth my time, I expected a long battle full of surprises for the fight for 1st place since there was no Top Cut.We both draw and I look at my hand, 2 Energy Exchanger,Dialga G,Power Spray,Sp Radar, Special Metal Energy, and a DCE.
    My Dialga G starts against his Garchomp C.I draw attach the Special metal and end my turn.He draws and plays a Pokemon Collector gets out an Uxie,Crobat G, and an Azelf.He Walks Time for a Brongzong G and plays it.He attaches a lightning energy to Garchomp C and an Energy Gain to deal 30+10 from the Crobat drop.My turn I draw and I attach another Special Metal.I then use SP radar to search for a Dialga G Lv.X and attach and Deafen for 10.He draws play a Cyrus and grabs a few things I can't remember and attaches a DCE and ends his turn with an Earthquake. For the next turns I draw into basics while he one shots them after koing my DGX with Garchomp C Lv.X.When I finally draw into my first supporter in the game. I get a Dialga G set up with an Energy Gain and a Special Metal and try to use an Sp radar to search for my Dialga G lv.X but then he tells me if I ran 1 it is in my discard. I then knock out his Garchomp C Lv.X to take my first prize to his already 5.In the end it doesn't matter as next turn he uses Aaron's Collection to grab a Fire Energy he put in onto his Entei raikou who already has a lighning energy attached to it and Detonation Spin for a KO and take his last prize.

    In the end I ended up with 2nd and got 4 packs of Undaunted.I pulled a Houndoom prime,Scizor Holo, and a Espeon prime in my four packs.I was overall happy with my place and it was a great day.Thank you for reading this tournament report!

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    Wow, that's a small Br...
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    congrats on 2nd place, and ya. thats just a real small tourny. I wouldn't be able to stand just playing 3 rounds and only 2 matches due to a bye.
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    I was ticked off, but pulling Espeon and Houndoom Prime later kinda made up for it.About 7 people in my division were going to come but due to stuff they couldn't :/