40 NDE pack onlines, and no EX card!

Discussion in 'Online Play' started by DKQuagmire, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. DKQuagmire

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    Well I finally got round to using all my online codes that have been floating around right, (I have 46 booster codes at this time)
    I spend the first 6 on 2 emerging powers blisters (One zorua and one pansage) in the hope of getting more catcher. and manage to get FA Thunderous, my 2nd ever online catcher, and Gothitelle magic room. so thats 6 packs with awesome pulls, but then...

    I spend the next 40 booster codes on the new Next Destinies set.
    I open up all 40, and don't get a single EX card. WTF!!!
    i've been watching people on youtube where they get like 2-3 EX cards in the same number of packs when opening them on PTCGO.

    has anyone else had this, and does this mean that I have a better chance of getting an EX the next time I use a code?

    I did however earlier get like 4 Litwick blisters before this, and pulled rare shiney Meowth, in like my second pack so I don't know if that would count for anything. but I'm just annoyed that I didn't even get an EX card. not even a Shaymin EX!
  2. GreenPepper

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    I had about 20 NDE packs, and I only pulled a Shaymin EX. Otherwise, I got TERRIBLE NDE pulls.
    However, in the closed beta version, in my 20 free packs (10 from HGSS, 10 from UL) I got:
    2 Tyranitar primes
    1 Crobat prime
    1 Meganium prime
    And then I bought some packs from Triumphant and got Yanmega prime and Absol prime.
  3. cabd

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    Here's the thing. In real life, we get 3 EX per box on average, right?
    On TCGO, packs are not DEPENDENT upon your other packs.

    Let's say I buy a NDE box. I pull 33 of my 36 boosters out, open them, and hit zero EX pokemon. That means the other three have chase cards for sure.

    But on TCGO, your odds are always 1/12.

    So not hitting an EX card is 11/12.

    So we can check the odds via this simple math formula:

    (11/12)^x where x is the number of packs.


    Note that while the curve gets closer and closer to zero, it never touches it. Technically, one could pull BILLIONS of TCGO codes and never pull a single EX or secret rare. However, note that your number, 40, leads to a result of .037. Multiply that by 100, and you get 3.7%. So 4 out of every 100 people, or 1 in every 25, experiences the same result.


    To find your likelihood of primes, change the numbers to 5/6. (This assumes the prime ratio is 1/6 packs, as is commonly believed)
  4. DKQuagmire

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    well i got another 10 codes, and guess what! no EX cards at all!
    the best card from these 10 online packs was a shiney Hydreigon card, but thats no use to me!

    i'm being pummeled by the ex cards online and no one will trade for them!
    if the ratio's are as you say cabd, then it's going to be a long, very long time to get a decent competitive deck going.
    all i got for my online deck is the old standard reshiboar deck with a 1-1 RDL which i got both halfs without trading. and yes it was like 50 odd packs for both halfs!
  5. VikesRule

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    You can get EX Pokemon for very cheap right now if you trade your packs for them. I've been trying to trade my extra EX like Regigigas and Reshiram and I have a hard time selling them off for 3 packs. You can get Mewtwo EX for 15 packs pretty easily. ZekromEX you can get for 4 packs, all others are 3 or so. Just make a public trade and offer 3 packs for each EX besides Mewtwo and you'll get them all in no time.
  6. coolestman22

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    This is why I don't play PTCGO.
  7. Matt91_

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    For my first 12 codes, I got a Mewtwo EX in my fifth pack. Then I opened more 24 and didn't get anything else.

    I did get a bunch of the useful uncommon cards at least. And like 3 Chandelure.
  8. sonicboom

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    well i got a mewtwo ex and a shaymin ex from two online boosters
  9. Elf

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    I buy 10 HGSS packs, and 5 primes. I'm guessing the pull rates are higher for primes, as many people get better HS pack luck. cabd seems to be right.