5C Superfriends - (Landorus EX/Cobalion EX/Entei EX/Tropius/Garbodor)

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    This is a deck I have been working on and editing since Plasma Storm. I have added and changed things to it to match up with current meta's. This deck tends to have a 50% or better matchup with a lot of the current decks and does well at Local Tournaments and Online (This is the best I can do until Battle Roads starts up). The point of this deck is to play weakness/resistance games with whatever the deck you are currently playing against is running.

    Pokemon - 13

    2 Landorus EX
    2 Cobalion EX
    2 Entei EX
    2 Tropius PLB
    3 Trubbish PLS-64 (RIP Good Trubbish)
    2 Garbodor DRX/PF

    Trainers - 33

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    4 Skyla
    1 Colress

    3 Pokemon Catcher
    1 Virbank City Gym
    3 Hypnotoxic Laser
    1 Switch
    3 Ultra Ball
    1 Heavy Ball
    1 Max Potion
    4 Float Stone
    1 Energy Search
    1 Scoop-Up Cyclone (Allstar Ace Spec)
    1 Tool Scrapper

    Energy - 14
    4 Prism Energy
    4 Fighting Energy
    4 Metal Energy
    1 Fire Energy
    1 Grass Energy

    Ok as I was stating, in this deck you want to use the Draw Engine and the Ball Engine to get the right pokemon out for the matchup.

    Darkrai - You want 2 Landorus EX/Garbodor. Provided you cannot get this, this is one of the matches that gives you a bit of room to improvize as they cannot play your weaknesses on any of your pokemon. However with the weakness, Landorus EX is your optimal choise. Also, do not disregard the usefulness of Garbodor in this matchup. Taking away thier mobility significantly raises your chance of victory.

    Blastoise - Here is a tricky one, you absolutely cannot bench a Landorus EX/Moltres EX. I cannot stress this enough, doing so will be the same as starting your opponent with 4 prizes. In this matchup you want Garbodor/Cobalion EX. As tempting as it is, DO NOT start Tropius in the active position. 20 damage and a Return sounds good on a Keldeo until they drop a turn 2 Blastoise on you and destroy your best option at taking out a loaded Keldeo EX. Start slow with a Cobalion EX and work up to the Tropius one shot. Also Garbodor is first on your list to set up. Once the lock is set you have a ton of time to set up your attackers.

    TDK - In this matchup you want to start a Cobalion EX over everything else. You want to use your catchers to take the biggest chunk out of thier energy attachments as possible while setting up your bench with a second Cobalion EX and a Garbodor. Garbodor is important here but not as important as getting the energy off, knocking off the Deoxys EX damage however will do a large part in getting you to the win. You can play the weakness against Thundurus EX with Landorus EX, but be careful, Kyurem can and will take all chances provided to OHKO your Landorus EX. Use Kyurem's weakness against him by attacking with Cobalion EX. 60 Damage and an Energy Removal is pretty solid.

    VirGen - In this matchup I honestly need more practice as it is a new deck to the format. Of course your goal is to get your Entei EX's up and running and swinging OHKO as soon as possible. You also want to keep Virizion EX out of active position as much as possible. All other attackers are good here but you want to focus on the weakness matchup. More to be spoken on this in later articles as I get more testing in.

    Gothetelle - LoL. Good Riddance, for those that are still unwise enough to play this deck after the release of Virizion EX I guess you just beat us unless we T1 and go first with a Landorus EX out. But we really dont fear this matchup anymore.

    Now that, that is covered, on to the card discussion.

    2 Cobalion EX - To play the weakness in Kyurem as well as knock off all the special energies decks like TDK and others are playing.

    2 Landorus EX - This is here for darkrai, depending on how much the deck shows up in the meta, this may be something we look into changing, but until then this is needed.

    2 Entei EX - This is for the Virgen Matchup. This causes all kinds of problems for the Grass Pokemon and thier weakness.

    2 Tropius PLB - The Keldeo EX killer 9000!! Not much more to say here.

    3 Trubbish PLS 64 / Garbodor DRX - Used for the Ability shut down in Garbotoxin. We use the PLS 64 Trubbish because of its one retreat cost. Yes there are 70 HP variants available, but the first time you start with one and no float stone you will understand why we use this one.
    4 Juniper / 4 N / 1 Colress - This is the draw engine, you need it to cycle the deck to make sure the attackers you want in play are in play and the ones you don't are not. We use 5 draw cards that cycle cards back into the deck because with the many 1/2 ofs in the deck you do not want to throw away possible tech you may need later in the game.

    4 Skyla - This is a tool box deck, with the number of 1/2 ofs in the deck as well as things you want to be starting with like Ultra Balls etc, you want to max these out.

    3 Pokemon Catcher - As stated in previous articles I believe this is the correct number of catchers with 4 being a bit overkill.

    1 Virbank / 3 Hypnotoxic Lazer - People aren't playing Virbank as much and with that being the case, we have to play atleast one. The lazers are able to be played vs VirGen provided you Garbotoxin lock them. In matches where you cannot get this set up, you use these as Ultra Ball / Juniper bait.

    1 Switch - Mobility to get out of status issues as well as having a way to get a fatty without a stone out of active position is something you want to have as an option to Skyla for.

    3 Ultra Ball - This is a card you want in your opening hand 99% of the time to set up the correct attacker. With 4 Skyla this is a 7 of which should make sure you get that.

    1 Heavy Ball - This gets Landorus EX or Garbodor with no discard. This is the go to option when you need to Skyla for them.

    1 Max Potion - With all the big EX's in the deck it is good to have another way to steal back a prize.

    4 Float Stone - This is the tool of choise, after playing this type of deck for 3 sets now, I have determined a 5th tool is not needed. You just have to play your stones safely knowing scrapper is a thing.

    1 Energy Search - I cannot stress the importance of this card. I have lost numerous games due to this being prized. I almost want to up it to 2. Being able to Skyla for the correct energy when you whiff is crutial, you want to be swinging on turn 1.

    1 Scoop Up Cyclone - This card is sick in this deck, with many of your attackers attacking for 1 energy, you literally can pick them up with all of thier energy, promote a Garbodor with a float stone, replay the pokemon you scooped, attack the energy, retreat, and go right back to attacking with a fresh pokemon stealing a prize from your opponent. This can also be used as a Ghetto Switch.

    1 Tool Scrapper - Eviolites kill this deck. You need this for the off deck that plays this. Plus G Booster is a thing.

    4 Prism Energy - Helps cover the bases of playing 5 colors.

    4 Metal Energy - To power the Cobalion EX

    4 Fighting Energy - To power the Landorus EX

    1 Fire Energy - Energy Search Target for Moltres EX

    1 Grass Energy - Energy Search Target for Tropius

    Feel free to ask as much as you like about this deck as I have been playing it for a while now and love to get feedback. I also will be posting the results of the testing with it on the front page of the blog varianceblows.blogspot.com to provide percentage matchups with the current decks of the format.

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    Moving to DH&D, I'm sure it will spark discussion there.
  3. Drench

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    Looks even better laid out, Rick.

    Pokemon count and Trainer count is off, however.

    And there is no Audino listed, yet in your Energy Search comment you mention it is still included.
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    The orignal list used Audino but because there is no longer a Gothetelle matchup it was cut for a second Tropius. Also Level Ball was cut from the list in the link to make room for a Max Potion. I will update the original post, I thought I got all the changes as a good part of this was a cut and paste from my blog where there were a couple changes.
  5. weakest

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    "1 Grass Energy - Energy Search Target for Tropius EX"

    Tropius EX, eh?

    Also, having attackers that rely on more than one energy attachment is not good in a deck like this. The reason that 6 Corners did well was because of Shaymin. You could spend a turn not attacking because the format was much slower. Tropius can be good but it needs to wait a turn and can easily be one shot back by a Blastoise or Keldeo. You would need to find room for Exp. Share in the list if you wanted to chain Tropius. You would also have to run Super Rod for when your Tropius is knocked out. This is just one match up, you play Garbodor, and I have never played with this deck, but that is what stood out to me just on a basic look.
  6. supersmarty1234

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    So this is a villeplume and friends deck with nore powerful friends and no villiplume
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    My bad, Tropius is so cool he should be an EX (lies).
    With Prisms/Singleton Energy you are looking at 5 ways to hit the single energy you need. Trust me, try it out before you dispense the idea. I have been playing 3-4 colors (we just say 5 cause Garbodor is a person too... well hes a pokemon... made of garbage but you know what I mean).

    Tropius really only comes out in the Blastoise match and hits the table with one of his energy giving them 1 turn to KO it. There are 2 of them. If they want to waste 2 catchers KOing for 1 prize each, more power to you. We can win with just Cobalion EX/Garbodor most of the time. Its just one more thing they have to worry about.

    First - Stop Garobdor.
    Second - Get the tool off Garbodor if you can't kill it.
    Third - Oh crap, benched tropius.

    All the while you are hitting them with Cobalion/Lasers weaking them up for an energy press or a Steel Bullet provided they waste all the time going after your "Parts"

    My wife as well as about 1/3 of the store I play at for League/Tournaments plays Blastoise and I can promise you the match up is a good 15-20% in my favor.

    But yes, Tropius is not an ex... which is a good thing, because if someone gets Safeguard up and KO's Garbodor, someones got to regulate.... Tropius whut whut![DOUBLEPOST=1376946017][/DOUBLEPOST]
    It very well could be, but I started playing at Plasma Storm and made this deck myself. So if it resembles an older deck then I am sorry, was the Vileplume deck any good? Should I take that as a Complement or a Dig?
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  8. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    I would definitely try out Kecleon PLF or Mew Ex
  9. RJCarrot

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    Both of those guys don't play nice with Garbodor.
  10. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    Why do I forget thAt ability goes both ways
  11. RJCarrot

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    I know right? I have been playing Garbodor exclusively for a while now and every couple months I am like, Mr. Mime might be good in here..... damn...
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  12. Drench

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    So after going back to Garbodor after getting over the fear of Tool Scrapper dominating, I gave this list a go today in league.

    This deck really has to be careful on what it does each and every play, it's ridiculous how error proof you have to be. Which IMO, is nice. Now that Tool Scrapper is practically a 2 of in each deck, Float Stone is such a valuable item and you can't just lay out as many as you can asap. Need to pick and choose the timing for sure.

    One thing that really was a killer was facing TDK without Virbank/lasers, and instead Bangles and Frozen god damn City. The 1 Bank just didn't allow enough turns of free attaching before another City was back up. If FC becomes TDKs go to Stadium, this deck needs to run 2 Bank for sure.

    I've always been a fan of anti-anything; this deck does counter it all practically, but boy does it suck when you start Cobalion when you need Landorus, and vice versa. But that's Pokemon. Ways around it.

    I kind of want another switch in here, but at the same time, eh.

    I enjoyed running this today, good adjustment to the meta from the vintage Big Basic/Garb
  13. RJCarrot

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    Couple Notes:

    1. If you start the wrong pokemon with the number of balls/skylas/draw you should (most of the time) be able to get an attacker that you need.
    2. Scoop up cyclone is a ghetto switch.
    3. I know who you are talking about running FC. That's not a meta choice atm, if it becomes one you can cut max potion for another virbank.
    4. You can always scoop up a pokemon that you start with that is weak if needed (i.e. lando in the blastoise matchup etc)

    Yeah the deck is fun but it is far from an auto pilot deck. Glad to see someone else checking it out, now there are 3 people on earth playing this deck that I know of!
  14. jbcheshire

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    I've been playing a version of this deck but with MewTwo and Bouffalant. I like how mine plays but have been looking for something a little different to pair with Garby and his two best friends Landy and Cobal... Like you have said, you have to know your match up and bench your pokemon accordingly, so adjusting my attackers to match yours should be fun to try out...

    PS.. I play as macboy02 on Pokemon TCG if you are ever on there...

  15. RJCarrot

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    I am on there a decent amount, I am RJCarrot online as well. I used to run the MewTwo/Bouffalant version but Mewtwo is too vulnerable to Deoxys, and they both require DCE's to be effective forcing you to play more specials. I went that route on the way to this one. Give it a try and let me know how you like it. I would enjoy the feedback.[DOUBLEPOST=1377531249][/DOUBLEPOST]Played in a local tournament (4 rounds) and went 4-0 going through Blastoise, VirGen, TDK. and Darkrai.

    Still waiting for Battle Roads for better testing.
  16. Drench

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    After facing Genesect a handful of times recently.. the deck seems to handle well early on, but the pressure Genesect gives after turn 2 or so.. is really overwhelming. Cobalion's Edging is nice when Prism or Plasma is in play, and makes them really use up their limited energy, but it's hard to stop them once they get going.

    [However, I do like the numbers. Edge+Edge=60+10 damage from laser, than just Bullet for the KO], but I have yet to pull that off in game.

    Moltres and it's 60 damage is nice, but even then, if you dont get a solid start with it, and rely on it mid-late game, it's just not as effective.

    Stadium wars really matter also, forcing them to discard/retreat at times is really nice. So getting rid of SAB is great when you can.

    One thing about Blastoise matchup, Tropius KOs Keldeo if it has 4 Energy on it. Well, Keldeo KOs Tropius if it has 4 Energy on it. [110damage], I was thinking about adding an Eviolite in this deck somewhere. Helpful for the EXs as well, although free retreat is more suitable for a small benched deck. Thoughts?
  17. RJCarrot

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    I played around with Eviolite but there just wasn't room for it, Short of cutting lasers. which I don't want to do. I have been playing around with the one spot I think can be a floating card and that is the Max Potion. That could be a second Virbank City Gym but I have yet to decide which is better.

    Moltres vs VirGen is a lot better than it seems. Even hitting 50% on the energy discard can keep them off balance. Its a 3HKO, 2 if you get a double tick of laser with Gym, and knocking off that energy stalls you long enough to not take a second hit from it.

    As for Tropius vs Keldeo, they both can KO each other, but forcing them to have to use a catcher to get one prize is ok, expecially when you can just set up another or start hitting 100 with a benched Cobalion post KO on the Tropius. Tropius is just a backup plan incase ou dont get the lock early enough, but usually the lock is enough to keep them off balance to be able to put down thier attackers.
  18. weakest

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    Keldeo only needs 3 energy to do 110 to a Tropius; it resists fighting not water.
  19. RJCarrot

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    This is correct.
  20. Drench

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    I might have to test the Keldeo match again with my friend, cause I'm pretty sure he always had 4 and hit for 110. Which would be another glitch on TCGOs part. But yeah, you are right. Which means Eviolite does absolutely nothing towards the numbers and preventing KO.