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  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Would anyone be interested in new 6P merch? I've got a little bit of an itch to start making stuff again. I drew up a quick playmat design for the TOC that @PokemonPlayer101 is running and I sorta like it how it looks. Here it is with an example catchphrase:

    sixprizes playmat.png

    It's simple but would be good for getting friends to sign with a silver pen and wouldn't get dirty as quickly as a lighter colored mat. I could throw in some dice with it too.

    T-shirts are also an option but are a bit more of a hassle to make since I'd have to get different sizes made and I just haven't had very good experiences getting them produced them in the past.

    Yay or nay? I'm sure you all have playmats already, but maybe even just for giveaways or something they might be cool. Also... any other catchphrase ideas?
  2. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    This is awesome Adam.

    I think that

    oh no
    this site actually has portantial

    would be better though
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  3. PellOfTheTundra

    PellOfTheTundra Do you even LT-87

    I like it :) would purchase would reccomend
  4. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Maybe on the side (Where the prize cards are), it says Sixprizes.com
  5. I would buy one that said "Under No Circumstances".
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  6. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    So you want it to show the URL twice?
    What is that a reference to?
  7. baby_mario's post in the Black/White Kyurem-EX thread, where coolestman22 had said "Wouldn't it be better to just play Reshiboar with White Kyurem-EX", and baby_mario quoted the "wouldn't it be better to just play Reshiboar" part and said "Under no circumstances." It got like 40 likes.
  8. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    'under no circumstances' is too obscure and doesn't really 'sell' 6P like 'it has portantial' sort of does.
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  9. MetalArmedAngel

    MetalArmedAngel My lovely Luka ♥♥

    I think the URL logo thingymajigr should be on each of where the prizes are like @Salamencetrainer34 said
  10. Googleplex

    Googleplex Rule #3: Wear your heart on your cheek

    I'd buy one with "Keyrum kills" on it
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  11. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    I mean it shows the 6P logo on the prize area (You move the logo, so its there once not twice)
  12. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Yeahhhh... no. I don't want to make designated areas for cards. People align their cards differently.
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  13. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    This here definitely has portantial! I like it a lot!
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  14. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    I don't even know why you would ask people if they would want a different catch phrase. That catch phrase sums up 6p pretty much.

    I'd very interested in one and if you could include said silver ballpoint pen with each one, that'd be even better since I'm lazy. I'd only let 6p members sign it...
  15. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    Could someone explain "portantial" -_-
  16. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

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  17. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See


  18. Googleplex

    Googleplex Rule #3: Wear your heart on your cheek

    it;s oldscoholl
  19. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    Actually, I'm one of the originals :p.
  20. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    As if. Old timer war.
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